Clara Step Barrel® Lite product photo
Clara Step Barrel® Lite, Balanced Body
Clara Step Barrel® Lite side photo
Clara Step Pilates Barrel Lite for advanced exercises.
Clara Step Barrel Lite in use photo
A woman performing the windmill exercise on a Clara-Step Pilates Barrel Lite.

Clara Step Barrel® Lite

Packing the same performance as the original, the Clara Step Barrel Lite offers maximum functionality and portability, with minimum weight. Made of high density foam, it is easy to clean, stack, and store, making it ideal for home and studios.
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The Clara Step Barrel Lite is best-known as the preferred barrel in The Fletcher Pilates® Program with dimensions that provide greater support for the lumbar spine, more precise pelvic placement, and safer spinal extension. Featuring the same “high arch” as the original Clara Step Barrel, our one-piece “Lite” barrel offers the same rounded step and vertical cut-out handles, manufactured in durable high-density foam.

The Clara Step Barrel Lite is the answer for stretching muscles, increasing flexibility, and serving as a spine corrector.

  • High density expanded foam is lightweight, durable and easy to use, move and store
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 29.6″L x 19"W x 13.3"H (75.2cm x 48.3cm x 34cm)
  • Weighing just 4.3lbs (2kg)

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No assembly required. The Clara Barrel Lite is ready right out of the box.

The light foam allows for easy storage of the Clara Barrel Lite. It can be stowed under your Trapeze Table, it can easily be hung on a wall, and it can be stacked safely away with other barrels.

The Clara Barrel Lite can be used on the Reformer but only in one position. It can be used to support the user and add abdominal challenges and to provide a dynamic seated position for arm work.

The Clara Barrel Light can be cleaned with Balanced Body Clean or gentle soap and water. Harsh chemical cleaners are not recommended as they can damage the foam.