Contrology Handbook cover A guide to joe pilates method

Contrology Handbook

Authored by Vintage Pilates owner Sandy Shimoda and dedicated to first generation Pilates instructor Jay Grimes, this comprehensive guide is for all students of Contrology, Joe’s method of corrective exercise. It is aimed at clarifying Joe’s ideas about his method, what makes it different from other forms of exercise, and how to get the results Joe intended. The perfect gift for Pilates professionals and enthusiasts interested in the “why” behind the “how” of Pilates! Hardcover, 104 pages, 28 original illustrations and artwork.

The Contrology Handbook is a resource you will read, and refer to, as you progress on your Pilates journey. Informed by Jay Grimes’ work with Joe and Clara, it is an essential resource suitable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners that teaches everything except the exercises, including:

  • Clarifying Joe’s Method and motivations
  • Clearly defining the Center as the focus of Contrology
  • Offering tips for your practice and understanding 

Author Sandy Shimoda has worked with Jay Grimes for over two decades. First as a private student, then as owner of Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles, where she and Jay have designed graduate-level training programs for teachers since 2010. Edited by co-owner of Strong Body Pilates, Keion Moradi-Means. Original illustrations and artwork by Hawaiian artist and private studio owner, Arlene Salomon.