CoreAlign equipment set up for physical therapy exercises.
CoreAlign equipment
CoreAlign with Freestanding Ladder product photo
CoreAlign ladder with handles
Full-angle view of the CoreAlign Wall-Mounted Ladder.
CoreAlign® 1
CoreAlign in-use photo
CoreAlign core-controlled aerobic training
CoreAlign versatility


Developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman, the CoreAlign is incredibly effective in improving posture, gait, balance and functional movement. It is also used in athlete training to increase strength, power and endurance.
The innovative base includes two tracks and two independently moving carts. Each cart has an integrated six resistance tube assembly with an easy resistance adjustment system to meet individual user needs.
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The CoreAlign improves musculoskeletal rehabilitation by stimulating core stabilizing muscles while working to improve posture, gait, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Clinicians worldwide have proven CoreAlign is effective in helping patients rehabilitate through prescriptive therapeutic movement.

Durable and secure, the CoreAlign’s solid wood frame encloses two tracks and two carts. The carts move independently and silently (polyurethane wheels on double bearings) with resistance (or assistance) created by six resistance tube assemblies on each cart. Resistance and assistance is possible in one or both directions, providing users with hundreds of functional movement exercises.

In addition to rehab, fitness professionals use the CoreAlign in conditioning with clients standing, kneeling, planking exercises, deep stretches, and core-controlled aerobic training. World-class athletes call CoreAlign their “secret weapon” in building strength, endurance, and agility for on field performance.

  • CoreAlign frame with 2 carts with integrated 6 resistance tube assemblies
  • 2 CoreAlign cart stoppers (to limit range of travel)
  • 2 CoreAlign speed bumps (to provide an angled surface on the cart when pushing at low angles)
  • 2 Foam pads for cart
  • 1 Foam pad for standing platform
  • 2 Straps and padded handles
  • 1 Set of 24 re-usable handles for resistance bands
  • 2 Complete sets of resistance bands (24 total): 8 Peach (light), 8 Blue (medium) and 8 Gray (heavy)
  • Maintenance Tool Kit: for minor adjustments if necessary
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Dimensions:
    • CoreAlign: 65.75"L x 23.5"W x 5.5"H (167cm x 60cm x 14cm),
    • Ladder Height: 91" (231cm) 
    • Resistance Cart Travel: 42″ (107cm)
    • Resistance Cart Dimensions (each): 13.25″L x 11″W (34cm x 28cm)
    • Weight: 94lbs (42.7kg)

NOTE: Most CoreAlign exercises require a ladder. Optional CoreAlign wall-mount ladder or free-standing ladders are sold separately.

All equipment includes access to the free videos section on our streaming video platform.

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I love my CoreAlign. Definitely, a way to challenge my full body, I love to use my Corealign all together with other BB equipment.


Some assembly required.
To watch a video on assembling a CoreAlign, click here.
To watch a video on assembling a CoreAlign with a freestanding ladder, click here.
To watch a video on assembling a CoreAlign with wall-mounted ladder, click here.
To download CoreAlign assembly instructions, click here.

The majority of exercises on the CoreAlign do require a ladder. We offer a freestanding ladder and a wall-mounted ladder.

Yes. We offer ladder bracket mounts that can connect a standard CoreAlign ladder to the end of a Trap Table. For more information click here.

CoreAlign resistance tubes should be inspected daily for wear and tear and abrasion.
CoreAlign resistance tubes are specially designed to provide reliable and lasting use. The natural rubber tubes useful life is affected by repeated use, sunlight, heat and age.
For safety, inspect the bands for wear on a daily basis and replace them regularly.
When working with a client at risk of falling, use 2 bands on each cart at all times.