Black double loops pair by Balanced Body for versatile Pilates workouts.
cotton D-ring Loops
Padded D-Ring Loops
Padded D-Ring Loops close-up
Close-up of Cotton SoftTouch Loops, a pair designed for multi-functional Pilates exercises.
A woman executing a Pilates 'feet in straps' exercise with Cotton SoftTouch double loops.
SoftTouch padded loops, ideal for a variety of Pilates exercises.
Padded Double Loops with Soft Touch, no Metal Ring.
Woman lying on her back, exercising with loops on an Allegro Reformer.

Double Loops (Pair)

Invented by Balanced Body, Double Loops provide two loops in one: a short loop for hands, and a longer loop for legs and feet. Two integrated loops in one reduces the need for rope adjustments and streamlines transitions in your workout.

If you are looking for smoother transitions while doing Reformer work, Double Loops are the way to go! These versatile Loops are a 2-in-1 option: a short loop for hand, and a longer loop for foot. This greatly reduces the need for rope adjustments during your exercise program.

Developed by Balanced Body, we offer Double Loops in D-Ring and SoftTouch, in Padded polypropylene or Cotton styles, to suit your individual style. D-Ring Loops attach to rope system by traditional metal clips, while SoftTouch Loops have no metal components (all rope system) for a quieter experience. All Double Loops feature a short loop approx. 10″ long (25cm) and a longer loop approx. 15.75″ long (40cm.) Wash all loops regularly in cold water and air-dry.