Duet Roller Accessory System
Duet Roller Accessory System product photo
Duet Roller Accessory System in-use photo
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Duet™ Roller Accessory System

Developed by Pilates educator Jenna Zaffino in collaboration with Balanced Body, the Duet Roller Accessory System securely tethers two rollers together. Creates a unique surface on which to perform supine, prone, seated and side lying exercises. Rollers not included

The easy-to-use Duet Roller Accessory System transforms two rollers into a powerful tool that delivers support, feedback, and stability and balance challenges. It provides valuable bilateral feedback that helps gain awareness and self-correct more accurately. Works with all Balanced Body Rollers.

The Duet Roller System also adds a myofascial release element to spinal articulation exercises like Roll Up and Roll Down. For familiar Pilates exercises like Spine Stretch, Saw and side lying work, The Duet Roller System intensifies balance challenge. (Rollers not included.)

  • Custom-molded headrest provides support in supine and prone exercises and cushions the thigh or ribcage during side lying work
  • Duet System includes a strong, durable strap to tether rollers together
  • Includes storage pouch and an instructional booklet
  • Rollers not included