Flex Ring Toner product photo
Flex Ring Toner equipped with Handle Pads.

Flex Ring Toner® with Handle Pads

Flex Ring Toner, Balanced Body
flex-ring-toner in-use photo
Comparison chart showing the compression (inches) and resistance (pounds) for Ultra Fit and Ultra Fit Mini Flex-Ring Toners.

Product Comparison

Balanced Body Flex Ring Toner®

The Balanced Body Flex Ring Toner is a modern take on Joseph Pilates' Magic Circle. Our Flex Ring Toner is completely encased in a soft, non-slip rubberized coating. Rust-proof, Corrosion-proof and no sharp angles. Slenderized handles allow for a range of body types to use for deflection and resistance. Dimensions: 15"D (38cm). Please call us at 916-388-2838 for volume discount on quantities of 5+. U.S. Patents No. 5807217