Joe’s Toe Gizmo, Light
Joe’s Toe Gizmo product photo
Joe’s Toe Gizmo, Heavy
Joe’s Toe Gizmo, Black
Joe’s Toe Gizmo, pair product photo
Joe’s Toe Gizmo in-use photo
Joe’s Toe Gizmo close-up product photo

Joe’s Toe Gizmo®

The ultimate in toe correction and enhanced movement devices, Joe’s Toe Gizmo® improves bunions and toe misalignments, and strengthens feet while enhancing balance and gait. Our Toe Gizmo owes its heritage to a Pilates training tool, with modern innovations we think you’ll love! 2 spring resistances available: Heavy and Light.
  • Non-corrosive metal means Springs will not wear out
  • 2 Spring Resistances available: Heavy (with black loops) or Light (with red loops).
  • Purchase both for adaptability and savings
  • 30 day money-back guarantee for U.S. domestic customers only