SISSEL Classic Plus, Balanced Body
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SISSEL® Classic Plus

A proven best-seller, our SISSEL® Classic Plus pillow is made of polyurethane foam which provides firmer corrective positioning and cushioning. The pillow's unique edge design supports of your shoulder when in a lateral position, thus relieving vertebrae and intervertebral discs. Sold in U.S. and Canada only. View our complete Physical Therapy Rehabilitation catalog.

The SISSEL Classic Plus pillow has an innovative built-in ventilation system -- with more than 90 ventilation channels --- provides ideal sleep temperature. 

Recommended for: neck/shoulder tension, tension headaches, preventing curvature of the spinal column (for side sleepers). Polyurethane foam core. Includes washable ecru velour cover. Made in Sweden.

  • Accommodates all sleepers, height adjustability with removable Vario pad
  • Adapts to all shoulder widths, neck lengths and individual sleep preference
  • Built-in ventilation system with 90+ airflow channels
  • Made of polyurethane foam for firmer corrective positioning and cushioning
  • Edge design supports shoulder in lateral position, relieving vertebrae and discs
  • Relieves neck/shoulder tension, and tension headaches
  • Helps prevent curvature of spinal column
  • Dimensions: 18”L x 13”W x 4.5”H (47cm x 33cm x 11.25cm

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