Green Spinefitter and Linum kit for physical therapy.
Black Spinefitter and Linum kit for therapy.
Woman exercising on green Spinefitter and Linum kit.
Woman lying on her back on a green Spinefitter for physical therapy.

Spinefitter® by SISSEL® and Spinefitter Linum Kit

Spinefitter by SISSEL® is an innovative physical therapy and training device with 28 interconnected balls that apply targeted pressure to help relieve tightness, tension and improve mobility. When used with the Spinefitter Linum, the pressure is diffused and appropriate users who are sensitive to the touch. The Spinefitter Linum can also be heated (microwave) or chilled (freezer) to provide relief for soreness, ache and helps increase recovery.

Designed to balance the energy and nervous systems, Spinefitter specifically targets the tissue surrounding the spine to helps decrease blockages and promote mobility. New stimuli are released through supported joint positions and by challenging your balance and proprioceptive awareness. Use in physical therapy and as an effective training tool to enhance your workouts and performance.

Add a layer of comfort for more sensitive users with the Spinefitter Linum. A hot/cold therapy tool used with the Spinefitter offers targeted local treatment of the muscles near the spine. Cotton exterior filled with natural linseed that contours to body and is conduit for heat/cold.

  • Spinefitter features 28 interconnected balls that help relieve tension and improve joint mobility
  • Exercise guide and carry strap included
  • Spinefitter Linum features 100% cotton cover filled with natural linseed and effectively diffuses pressure of Spinefitter for sensitive users, and offers hot/cold therapy
  • Use at room temperatures, and for hot/cold treatment (follow preparation instructions on packaging)
  • Sold in US and Canada only
  • Dimensions: 33”L x 4.7”W x 2.3”H (84cm x 12cm x 6cm)
  • For Spinefitter professional continuing education, please see Polestar's Pilates Meets Spinefitter course
  • Watch Polestar CEO Brent Anderson and Spinefitter Master Instructor Alexander Bohlander discuss "Self Mobilization with Spinefitter"

Max weight: 330lbs (150 kg)