Pilates Arm Chair product photo
Pilates Arm Chair, Balanced Body
Pilates Arm Chair, Balanced Body
Pilates Arm Chair, Balanced Body
Pilates Arm Chair, Balanced Body
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Pilates Arm Chair

Inspired by the passion of master teacher Julian Littleford, Balanced Body reintroduced the Pilates Arm Chair as an essential tool in developing scapular stability, functional strength and proper posture. This simple, highly effective apparatus integrates core and upper body work for clients of all ages and abilities.
Stock Color: Black
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Originally designed by Joseph Pilates, the Arm Chair is proven effective in developing scapular stability, upper body and core strength, and proper posture. Our premium upholstered seat and back provides support and proprioceptive feedback while exercising. With 4 Balanced Body Signature Springs™, the Arm Chair is configurable for all clients. Users interested in building strength choose our long purple springs for enhanced resistance in upper body work. For clients who work at a desk, and seniors prone to poor posture, our regular yellow springs are used in posture correction and improving overall muscle strength to best support bone structure. Constructed of solid maple, our Arm Chair is built for everyday use.

  • Solid maple frame construction is durable and stable
  • Premium upholstered seat and back 
  • 1 pair of Neoprene® handles 
  • 4 Balanced Body Signature Springs (2 regular yellow, 2 long purple)
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • Dimensions: 39”L x 14”W x 39”H (99cm x 36cm x 99cm), Rod Width: 30” (72cm), Weight: 54 lbs. (24.5 kg)
  • Heavy duty vinyl upholstery is available in 9 standard and 21 premium colors. Please call us at 916-388-2838 or email us for more information, and to order premium colors

All equipment includes access to the free videos section on our streaming video platform.

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The Arm Chair is well made, with bonus heavy springs I can do leg work on. A great piece of equipment for posture and core work.


The main difference is that the Arm Chair has an upholstered backrest with springs that hang down from the top of the chair, rather than springs being pulled up from the base like other Chairs.

Yes. The Arm Chair comes with 4 Balanced Body Signature Springs™ (2 regular yellow, 2 long purple). The medium-resistance purple springs offer more resistance for upper body work.

Yes, the Arm Chair can be cleaned with Balanced Body Clean or gentle soap and water. Harsh chemical cleaners are not recommended as they can damage the upholstery.