Signature Pilates Reformer springs in yellow, green, red, and blue for varied resistance.

Sold individually

Signature Springs for standard Pilates reformers.

Signature Springs for standard reformers. Sold individually

Signature Springs designed for stretch reformer.

Signature Springs for stretch reformer. Sold individually

Signature Spring for CenterLine Reformer.

Signature Spring for CenterLine Reformer.

Zoomed-in image of attached Signature Springs for Pilates Reformer.

Sold individually

A woman stretching out on a Pilates reformer, with signature springs prominently displayed.

Sold individually

A zoomed-in snapshot showcasing the craftsmanship of signature springs on a Pilates reformer.

Sold individually

Reformer Springs Resistance Chart showing resistance in pounds and inches of extension.

Reformer Springs Resistance Chart

Balanced Body® Signature Springs for Reformers

It’s all in the springs. Patented and custom-built of nickel-plated carbon steel, Balanced Body Signature Springs for Reformers are the best Pilates springs in the world.
High quality, proven springs are important for safety, durability and consistent resistance while exercising. With 45+ years field testing, our Springs are proven to meet Pilates’ specific standards, every day and every workout. Sold individually.

Our Signature Springs were developed with over 40 years of experience working specifically in the Pilates environment. Continually evaluated for quality and consistency and manufactured in a certified ISO 9000 facility, Balanced Body Signature Springs are the best Pilates Reformer springs available for strength, resilience and durability. To order Stretch Reformer Springs, please call 1-916-388-2838 or email us. All sales final - NO RETURNS on Springs

Spring Resistance:
Yellow = Very Light
Blue = Light
Red = Medium
Green = Heavy

  • For first-time buyers, it is highly recommended that you call or email us to order to ensure your spring best meets your needs. 1-800-745-2837 (US and Canada), +1-916-388-2838 (all other countries)
  •  Volume discounts are available. Please contact your sales rep at 1-916-388-2838 or email us for more details
  • Dimensions: Regular Spring: 18.5"L (47cm) Stretch Spring: 24.1"L (61.27cm) 
  • 2-Year Warranty

Standard configurations:

  • Allegro® Reformer: 3 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Yellow
  • Allegro Stretch Reformer: 3 Stretch Red, 1 Stretch Blue, 1 Stretch Yellow
  • Allegro® 2 Reformer: 3 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Yellow
  • CenterLine® Reformer: 4 Unplaited Green
  • Clinical® Reformer: 3 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Blue, 1 Green
  • Rialto® Reformer: 3 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green
  • Ron Fletcher Reformer™: 4 Red
  • Studio Reformer®: 3 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green