Balanced Body, Pilates Springboard
Pilates Springboard product photo
Pilates Springboard equipment
Pilates Springboard, Balanced Body
Pilates Springboard close-up photo
Pilates Springboard close-up product photo, Balanced Body
A woman engaged in a guided workout session using a springboard designed for Pilates exercises.
A woman pulling on springboard handles, focusing on shoulder and back stretching in a Pilates studio.
Woman pulling Pilates Springboard straps, which are affixed to a wall.

Pilates Springboard™

Designed by master teacher Ellie Herman, our popular Pilates Springboard is an affordable, space-saving piece of Pilates equipment that provides an invigorating full-body workout. The Balanced Body Pilates Springboard bolts to the wall, making it the perfect for in studio or at home workout space.
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This space-saving piece of equipment is ideal in studios as you can mount several Pilates Springboards along a wall for group classes. For Pilates enthusiasts, the Pilates Springboard is a great way to add Tower work into your training without investing in larger Pilates equipment.

With 2 regular (yellow) and 2 long (purple) springs, 22 spring attachment points and easy-to-use engraved measurements, the Pilates Springboard delivers upper and lower body resistance training at multiple angles, standing, kneeling and lying down on floor mat.

Optional: Pilates Springboard Push-Through Bar offers you even more Trapeze Table exercise options. The anodized aluminum Push-Through bar easily attaches to your existing Springboard (mount brackets and hardware included) and includes two each of either red (medium) or blue (light) springs, and safety strap. Buy Pilates Springboard and Push-Through Bar together and save $50! Please call us at 916-388-2838 or email us to order.

  • Springboard of maple-faced premium laminate 
  • 22x clearly referenced spring attachment points
  • Balanced Body Signature Springs™ with snaps. Regular: 2 yellow, Long: 2 purple
  • Maple roll-down bar, 2 cotton loops and 2 Neoprene handles
  • Maple dowel footbar solidly attached to bottom of Springboard
  • Installation hardware for Springboard on wall studs (standard 16″ spacing)
  • Dimensions: 20″W x 72″H (51cm x 183cm)


All equipment includes access to the free videos section on our streaming video platform.

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The springboard tower is the best piece of equipment to teach, train and work out on; especially for upright exercises.

Evan O'Neill, Jack and Jill Pilates


The Pilates Springboard requires assembly and proper attachment to the wall. An experienced handy person with tools should be consulted and/or hired to properly and securely attach this product to the wall. To download assembly instructions, click here.

The Pilates Springboard includes a hand/footbar for exercises requiring support and anchoring.

Both the Wall Tower and Springboard are wall mounted. Both offer multiple attachment points for spring resistance. Both can be used with flat floor mat or mat-converted reformers.

The Springboard is mounted against the wall and has a minimal footprint.
The Wall Tower has a larger footprint.

The Springboard Push Through Bar has limited range of movement.
The Wall Tower Push Through Bar offers greater range of movement