A set of resistance bands in different colors and levels of resistance, arranged in a stack.
Charcoal-colored resistance bands for various exercise levels.
Light oak-colored resistance bands for exercise.
Light mint-colored resistance bands.
Individual performing a side hip exercise using a resistance band.
A man stretching his arms and torso using a resistance band on a blue exercise mat.
A man stretching his torso using a durable resistance band on a blue mat.
Close-up view of black Resistance Band.

Resistance Bands

Made of super soft, tensioned fabric, Resistance Bands are your go-to tool for building inner and outer thigh strength, improving balance and agility, and increasing challenge in your Mat and Reformer workouts. Bonus: the non-slip lining keeps Bands in place while you move, stretch and squat. Polyester with latex. 3”W x 28” Circumference (7.6cm x 71cm.)

Resistance Bands available in Light, Medium and Heavy Resistance. With the least amount of resistance, the Light Band stretches to double its 28″ (71cm) circumference making it the easiest to use and most versatile. The Medium Band is most popular – not too light, not too heavy and offering consistent moderate challenge in all exercise. Per its name, the Heavy Band has the most tension and offers the greatest resistance.

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