SISSEL Securemax Ball product photo
SISSEL Securemax Ball, silver
SISSEL Securemax Ball, rouge
SISSEL Securemax Ball, lavender
SISSEL Securemax Ball, inuse
SISSEL Securemax Ball, inuse product photo
Sissel Securemax Ball in-use, red
Sissel Securemax Ball. blue in-use photo
Sissel Securemax Ball. white in-use photo

SISSEL® Securemax® Ball

Proven effective in physical therapy and conditioning programs, Securemax exercise balls relieve tension in spine and strengthen back muscles, increase balance, flexibility and proprioception. Encourage proper posture when sitting.
Abrasion-resistant surface is tactile and durable. Includes exercise guide and plug lifter.
Accommodates weight up to 330lbs (150kg).
Sizes: Silver 29.5"(75cm), Purple 25.5″(65 cm), Red 21.5″(55 cm).
Sold in US and Canada only.
Volume discounts available. Please contact us at 1-916-388-2838 or email us.