studio reformer standing platform extender
Black Studio Standing Platform Extender.
Add variety to your workouts with this versatile, drop-in accessory for your Studio Reformer
Stylish and comfortable platform extender
An extra-wide standing platform, ideal for a variety of standing exercises.

Studio Standing Platform Extender

This game-changing accessory drops in over our Studio Reformer's built-in platform, providing double the space for standing, kneeling and supine exercises. The Standing Platform Extender offers new exercise options that will change the way you workout on your Reformer!
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Our Studio Reformer Standing Platform Extender increases the width of the platform resulting in more functionality and wider array of exercise options. The Extender easily drops in over the existing built-in platform and features a hinged system for easy access to springs during your workout. This innovative accessory allows for a wide variety of leg strengthening exercise including squats and lunges. 

Made of maple with a secure non-skid surface, the Standing Platform Extender matches your Balanced Body® Studio Reformer beautifully. We include a custom-designed pad that covers the entire extended platform for additional comfort while exercising and to ensure platform is even with carriage height.

  • Creates a large surface for the entire foot, during exercises like bridging and front splits
  • Provides full support for forearms or when kneeling 
  • Stable, comfortable platform is safe and secure for older clients 
  • Included with the Balanced Body Clinical Reformer
  • Dimension: 26″L x 12"W (66cm x 31cm)

NOTE: The Revo and Classic footbars cannot be in the upright position when the Studio Standing Platform Extender is in use. Please call us 916-388-2838 or email us for information. 



Standing Platform Extenders provide a large stable surface for varied foot, leg, hand, arm, glute and torso support. Standing Platform Extenders are “gap fillers”, creating a larger carriage surface for some mat exercises. They can also reduce the need for complete mat conversion of the Reformer

When in use the Standing Platform Extender may add an additional step when making any type of spring/resistance adjustment. In addition, Standing Platform Extenders are not available for Metro IQ and Fletcher Reformers.

The Standing Platform Extender comes with a pad that covers the entire surface area for additional comfort.