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The Slice, Balanced Body

The Slice!

Developed with Blossom Crawford of Bridge Pilates, the Slice is an excellent, multi-use positioning tool. Used on equipment and mat to support correct position, provide feedback and develop parallel foot and leg alignment. Premium upholstery and foam padding. Handmade in Sacramento, California. See demo videos below.

2 week lead time

Placing the Slice between the feet keeps the heels farther apart and enables true parallel position of the legs and appropriate recruitment of supporting musculature throughout the body to help maintain the intended position.

For bodies with a twist in the ribs or torso, the Slice also encourages symmetrical alignment in both the ribs and hips while exercising in a prone position. Use on Pilates equipment like Reformer and Cadillac, and during Pilates mat work.

  • Stock color is Black
  • Dimensions: 5”W x 11”L x 3.75”H (12.7cm x 28cm x 9.5cm)

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The Slice is useful for aligning the legs in true parallel for Mat and standing work. It can also be used to gently reposition the body when prone or supine. The tip of the wedge can be placed under the pelvis or ribs to correct rotational imbalances.

For more information check out the introductory video above.

Clean with gentle soap and water or with Balanced Body Clean.