Balanced Body vinyl covers for double cotton and padded loops.
Vinyl Covers by Balanced Body affixed to Single Cotton Loops.
Vinyl Covers securely affixed to Single Padded Loops for comfort and durability.
Double Cotton Loops with Vinyl Covers attached.
Vinyl Covers affixed to Double Padded Loops.
Double SoftTouch loops fitted with vinyl stitching for added durability.

Balanced Body® Vinyl Covers

Our Vinyl Covers for Loops are sized for Balanced Body Cotton Loops and Padded Loops. Featuring premium vinyl with industrial grade Velcro closures for easy on/off, these innovative Loops Covers are easy to clean after each workout.

Our Vinyl Covers for Balanced Body Cotton Loops and Padded Loops. We also created Double SoftTouch® Loops with Vinyl for an even easier solution. These Loops feature our premium vinyl stitched directly on our Cotton Loops. Non-removable and no Velcro. Available in SoftTouch only.

After each use, wipe down the vinyl with BB Clean or a solution of mild soap and water. Then wipe it down with clean water and dry with a soft towel. If using a hospital-grade disinfectant, wipe down with water afterward to reduce negative effects on vinyl.

Vinyl Covers include:

  • 1 Set Vinyl Covers for Cotton Double Loops
  • 1 Set Vinyl Covers for Padded Double Loops
  • 1 Pair Vinyl Covers for Single Cotton Loops
  • 1 Pair Vinyl Covers for Single Padded Loops

Vinyl sewn on Loops:

  • 1 Pair Double SoftTouch Loops with Vinyl