Studio Reformer® Configurations

Our best-selling Studio Reformer® comes with several Footbar and Springbar options. Each one offers distinct functionality so you may choose the Reformer configuration that best meets your needs.  Read on to learn more about each option, watch our  Footbars & Springbars video, and please call us at 1-916-388-2838 or email us with any questions.


XSR Footbar with choice of Springbars

  • Extra-wide, non-sliding Footbar for the Studio Reformer – safe, sturdy, comfortable
  • Mounted outside of the frame, the XSR is 31”(79cm) wide and perfect for users wanting wider foot position options
  • Easy to reach with 6 secure locked positions, including vertical

Revo Adjustment System™

    • Locking Revo Footbar is 31” (78.74cm) wide with diameter of 2” (5.1cm) offers 4 positions (including down), comfortable padding and a non-slip surface
    • Easiest Springbar adjustment available. Lift the springbar lever and slide the carriage until it clicks into the correct position
    • 2x Spring resistance adjustments on Springbar: no-load (neutral) and pre-loaded
    • Moving the Revo Springbar™ moves the carriage to/away from the footbar, while maintaining neutral spring tension. 5 positions allow 12” (31cm) of adjustability and enables every user to move position to meet their needs.

Infinity Footbar® with choice of Springbars

  • Widest footbar for the Studio Reformer, the Infinity has 5 vertical and 32 horizontal locking positions, and adjusts the entire length of the frame
  • Unmatched adjustability and extra-wide surface support a wider range of Reformer exercises. Lockout knobs provide easy and smooth horizontal positioning
  • Combine the multi-position Infinity Footbar™ with a Revo Springbar™ for the most precise system available
  • Footbar diameter: 2.25″ (5.7cm) with padding. Width: 39.25″ (99.7cm)
  • To learn more about the Infinity Footbar watch here 

Classic Footbar and No–Roll Springbar

  • Classic Footbar has 2 supports and adjusts to 3 heights (including down), with comfortable padding and non-slip surface
  • Patented No-Roll Springbar adjusts resistance in 2 “gear” positions. A proporietary safety feature, the oval shape will not rotate downward when spring tension is released
  • Diameter: 2.5″ (6.4cm) with padding (2″ (5cm) on request), Width: 24″ (61cm)