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Ron Fletcher Reformer™

Based on plans given to Ron by Clara Pilates.


"The Fletcher Reformer that Balanced Body® makes to my specifications is top-quality, superbly crafted with attention to detail."
–Ron Fletcher

Based on plans given to Ron by Clara Pilates.

Ron Fletcher was a dancer when he began his studies with Joseph and Clara Pilates in 1946. After Joe passed away, Ron continued to work with Clara. In 1970, he opened a Pilates exercise studio in Beverly Hills, attracting a Hollywood clientele and establishing Pilates on the West Coast.

Balanced Body has built custom Reformers for Ron since 1985, based on apparatus plans Clara Pilates gave to Ron. The Fletcher Reformer features adjustable latigo leather straps and handles, a pair of extension straps, a 3-position footbar, and four springs. It is hand-built to Fletcher's specifications, using Balanced Body's updated materials and mechanical techniques.

Classic in design, size and function, the Fletcher Reformer is slightly narrower than our Studio Reformer®.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Comparison: the Ron Fletcher Reformer™ and the Studio Reformer®

  Ron Fletcher Studio
Carriage travel 33.5" (85.09cm) 41"* (104.14cm)
Overall Frame length ** 93" (236.22cm) 93" (236.22cm)
Overall frame width 25.5" (64.7cm) 26.5"* (67.31cm)
Footbar diameter 1.31" (3.33cm) 1.63"* (4.14cm)
Height of low footbar position above frame 10" (25.4cm) 10" (25.4cm)
Height of high footbar position above frame 11.25" (28.58cm) 14.5" (36.83cm)
Distance from low footbar to shoulder rest 42.25" (107.32cm) 41" (104.14cm)
Distance from high footbar to shoulder rest 41" (104.14cm) 32.5" (82.55cm)
* With risers.
** Length includes a 3" (7.62cm) standing platform.


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Bonus - a $290 value included at no additional charge

  • Standard sitting box and footstrap.
  • Pair of Fuzzies

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  • Classical configuration with leather straps and casters.
  • Built–in standing platform with non–slip surface for safety.



  • Precision carriage tracking system creates an ultra-smooth, virtually silent ride. Our 8-wheel system features four custom-built vertical wheels to support the carriage, and four adjustable sidewheels to guide the carriage smoothly down the track. All wheels are built with Abec 3 bearings.
  • 2-position padded headrest for cervical support.


  • Accurate springs ensure users can consistently repeat movements.
  • Durable nickel-plated springs with tapered ends and swivel hooks. Standard configuration: 4 red (medium).
  • Exclusively offered by Balanced Body, these are the longest-lasting springs available.


Height: 14” (35.56cm)
Length: 93” (236.22cm)
Width: 25.5” (64.77cm)

See information about our wood choices.

35 upholstery colors:

Heavy-duty viny in 35 colors. Of that total, 9 are standard/free, and an additional 26 custom colors are available (additional charges apply). Try our Color Tool and get more information here, or email us for a sample color palette.

Footbar & Spring Bar

  • Single support Footbar with three positions, including down.
  • Narrow Footbar diameter (2" or 5.08cm) with padded, non-slip cover.
  • No-Roll Springbar prevents downward rotation when springs are removed, making spring changes faster and simpler.
  • 2 gears (Springbar positions).