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Clinical Reformer product photo
Clinical Pilates Reformer
CoreAlign equipment set up for physical therapy exercises.
CoreAlign Wall Mounter Ladder product photo

CoreAlign® Wall Mounted Ladder

Designed to be used exclusively with the CoreAlign, The CoreAlign Wall Mounted Ladder is an excellent space saving choice. Solid 11 rung ladder is handcrafted of rock maple wood. Installation requires solid mounting to wall studs.
CoreAlign Freestanding Ladder for posture and alignment training.

CoreAlign® Freestanding Ladder

Designed exclusively for the CoreAlign. The CoreAlign Free Standing Ladder is an excellent choice when walls are not convenient and when portability is needed. Handcrafted of rock maple wood, the Free Standing Ladder includes a base/tray for the CoreAlign and a solid and secure 11 rung ladder.
The Aligner, yoga block and positioning tool

The Aligner

Our innovative new "The Aligner" is a versatile, multi-use positioning tool. It is designed to be used on Pilates equipment and mat classes to help develop parallel foot and leg alignment and provide feedback. Made in USA of dense, lightweight foam. Great for studio and in home use!
Oov product photo
Spinefitter® by SISSEL®

Spinefitter® by SISSEL®

Spinefitter by SISSEL is an innovative physical therapy and training device with 28 interconnected balls that relieve tension and improve joint mobility with deep pressure. Spinefitter by SISSEL enhances movement using deep pressure and open fibrous connective tissue in the spine, targeted body regions, and muscles groups.

Use in physical therapy and myofascial release, and on your Reformer, Chair and Barrel as an effective tool to enhance your workouts. Made in Lithuania.
Spinefitter® by SISSEL®, Linum

Spinefitter® by SISSEL®, Linum

Use in combination with the Spinefitter, the Spinefitter Linum is a heating/cooling pad with linseed for targeted local treatment of the muscles near the spine. When heated, the Linum provides muscle relief to increase the effectiveness of your training. Follow preparation instructions included. 100% cotton black cover.
Balanced Body Foot Corrector

Balanced Body® Foot Corrector

Designed in collaboration with leading Pilates educators, the Balanced Body Foot Corrector strengthens and lifts the arch of the foot, and improves balance and gait. Along with its safer, no-pinch design (patent pending), the Foot Corrector also accommodates longer and wider feet. Handmade in the USA.
Joe’s Toe Gizmo, Light

Joe’s Toe Gizmo®

The ultimate in toe correction and enhanced movement devices, Joe’s Toe Gizmo® improves bunions and toe misalignments, and strengthens feet while enhancing balance and gait. Our Toe Gizmo owes its heritage to a Pilates training tool, with modern innovations we think you’ll love! 2 spring resistances available: Heavy and Light.
Softie Roller product photo
Black extra-firm foam roller for muscle relief.
Balanced Body Large Foam Wedge product photo

Balanced Body Large Foam Wedge

The Balanced Body Large Foam Wedge is a multipurpose prop used on Pilates Equipment and on the Pilates Mat during floorwork. The Wedge enables those with tight muscle groups to get into proper position (seated, supine, and more). It also acts as an elevated head rest in supine. Made of firm closed-cell EVA foam with no chlorides, phthalates, or PVC.
Dimensions: 15.75" x 16" x 3.75" (40cm x 41cm x 9.5cm)
Stock Color: Black
Blue Yoga and Pilates Foam Block for Exercise and Stretching

Foam Block

Smooth on surface and rigid for support, the EVA Foam Block is here to elevate a seated client who has short hamstrings, or to stand or sit on. Also great as positioning tool.
Color: Blue.
Dimensions: 3″ x 6″ x 9″ (8cm x 15cm x 23cm)
Blue Balance Pad by Balanced Body for stability training.

Balance Pad

Improve core strength, balance, and motor control with our durable foam balance pad. Dense yet soft foam adds low level of instability standing, sitting, all fours, and bridging positions.
Color: Blue
Dimensions: 16″ x 19″ x 2.5″ (41cm x 21cm x 5cm)
Balance Cushion product photo

Balance Cushion

Our inflatable Balance Cushion can be used standing for general balance work, core strengthening and foot fascia release, and seated for leg muscle stimulation and core strengthening. It also provides targeted back muscle release when lying on it. Ships inflated; inflates with ball needle (Pump and needle not included). Blue. Diameter 14" (35.5cm).
SmartBell, blue
12-inch Rotation Disc Precision Rotator for balance. | caption::12 inch Rotator Disc
SISSEL Pilates Core Trainer product photo

SISSEL® Pilates Core Trainer

Innovative tool for core training. Four loops for simultaneous training of arms and legs, the all-round tool for core workouts! Medium resistance multi-layered green latex. Exercise guide included.
SISSEL Fun & Active Band product photo

SISSEL® Fun & Active Band

SISSEL® Fun & Active Bands are the ideal tool for low impact workouts, stretching and toning. Band resistances are light, medium and strong, as you gain strength, you increase your Band resistance to progress your fitness forward. Latex-free and odorless, our Bands are tactile and extra durable. Dimensions: 79″L x 6″W (200cm x 15cm). Sold in US and Canada only.
SISSEL Spiky Domes product photo

SISSEL® Spiky Domes (Set of 2)

Increase your balance, coordination and give yourself a foot massage all at the same time. The nubby surface enhances physical perception and mobility. Used for standing and planking exercises. Set of 2 (red & blue). Diameter: 6.3″(16 cm). Suitable for all ages and accommodates weight up to 176lbs (80kg). Sold in US and Canada only.
Inflatable Ball (Storm Gray)
Burst-Resistant Fitness Ball, Red
Textured Franklin Ball product photo

Textured 4" Franklin Ball

Used in Franklin method classes, the Textured 4” (10.1cm) Franklin Ball has a unique, uneven, honeycomb-textured surface specifically designed for self-massage, balance, and gait exercises. Franklin Method founder Eric Franklin developed these balls for use in his exercise and movement classes.
Ships semi-inflated. Inflates with needle pump (sold separately.) Sold as pair.
Weighted Ball, green
Eric Franklin Air Ball product photo

Eric Franklin 6"-7" Air Ball

A multi-purpose ball ideal for balance and as a proprioceptive tool used in Franklin Method classes, and for mat class to support the upper body and challenge the core. Franklin Method founder Eric Franklin developed this ball for use in his exercise and movement classes.
Inflates with straw or by mouth, from 6″ to 7″ (15cm to 18cm). Sold individually.
Franklin Smooth Ball product photo

Franklin 4" Smooth Ball

Specifically designed for self-massage, balance and gait exercises, the Franklin 4” Smooth Ball is a great choice for skin sensitive clients. Franklin Method founder Eric Franklin developed these balls with a soft-to-the-touch yet firm feel for use in his movement classes. Approx. 4” (10cm) diameter. Ships semi-inflated. Inflates with a needle pump (sold separately.) Sold as pair.
Franklin Mini Roll product photo

Franklin Mini Roll

The Franklin Mini Roll has an innovative double-ended ball shape that’s ideal for supporting and releasing muscles around the spine, legs, and shoulders, as well as activating the pelvic floor. Franklin Method founder Eric Franklin developed this small roller for use in his movement classes.
Approx. 4"D (10cm) and 6.5"L (16 cm). Ships semi-inflated. Inflates with needle pump (sold separately). Sold individually.
Franklin Easy Grip Balls

Franklin 5" Easy Grip Ball

Used in Franklin method classes, the Franklin 5” (12cm) Easy Grip Ball has soft rounded bumps for a better grip and more intense release in self-massage. Franklin Method founder Eric Franklin developed these balls for use in his movement sessions, and for balance and gait work. Ships semi-inflated. Inflates with a needle pump (sold separately.) Sold as pair.
TOGU Ball product photo


Improve your Pilates technique with the soft, grippy TOGU Ball. Ideal for abdominal, back extension, and lateral flexion exercises. Plus, the TOGU Ball is strong enough to kneel, lay and stand on. Inflates to 12″ (30cm). Commonly used partially deflated. Sold individually. Color: Blue.
Ribbed Inflatable Ball, Balanced Body
Posture Ball 6 inch
Soft-Spike Massage Balls product photo
“Pinky” Ball, Balanced Body
Naboso® Kinesis Board

Naboso® Kinesis Board

Experience better movement with more stability on the Kinesis Board. Unlike typical wobble boards, the Kinesis Board's micro-wobble system enhances ankle nerve stimulation for quicker joint position sense. Its textured platform delivers dual sensory stimulation, combining mechanoception with proprioceptive input for heightened nerve activity. Designed for single-leg use, it mirrors everyday balance demands.
Naboso® Foot Wedges

Naboso® Foot Wedges

Combine the power of biomechanics with barefoot stimulation using the Naboso Foot Wedges. Built-in foot strength is deeply connected to overall posture, power and performance, and the Naboso Foot Wedges enable faster foot activation through proper positioning and neurosensory texture. The set includes two 25-degree toe wedges and two 10-degree heel wedges. Made from food-grade silicone.
barefoot strong book secret to movement longevity

Barefoot Strong

Join Functional Podiatrist & Naboso® Co-Founder Dr. Emily Splichal as she explores the science of barefoot stimulation, a key to youthful movement. An internationally recognized educator, Dr. Emily has traveled the world studying movement efficiency.
Learn how barefoot science, fascial fitness, and neuromuscular conditioning can help you thrive. From barefoot exercises to nerve-protecting supplements, "Barefoot Strong" is your guide to efficient movement. Unlock the secrets to the anti-aging movement and become barefoot strong!
Paperback. Black x White. 110 pages.