Time-tested over the past 45 years, our Pilates springs are the best springs available today. We continually tested for consistency, strength and durability.

Our Signature Springs are made with nickel-plated carbon steel to minimize the risk of microscopic cracks. Color-coded hooks swivel freely inside tapered ends, reducing stress. These innovations ensure Balanced Body Signature Springs last longer while delivering quieter, superior performance in every workout. 

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Signature Pilates Reformer springs in yellow, green, red, and blue for varied resistance.

Balanced Body® Signature Springs for Reformers

It’s all in the springs. Patented and custom-built of nickel-plated carbon steel, Balanced Body Signature Springs for Reformers are the best Pilates springs in the world.
High quality, proven springs are important for safety, durability and consistent resistance while exercising. With 45+ years field testing, our Springs are proven to meet Pilates’ specific standards, every day and every workout.
Trapeze springs for advanced Pilates and aerial exercises.

Balanced Body® Trapeze Springs

Balanced Body Trapeze Springs are the best available for strength, resilience, and durability. High quality, tested and proven, springs are important for safety and consistent resistance while exercising. Trapeze springs have snap clips at both ends.
Pair of chair springs for adjustable resistance.

Balanced Body® Chair Springs

Our Chair Springs were developed with over 40 years of experience working specifically in the Pilates environment. Continually evaluated for quality and consistency and manufactured in a certified ISO 9000 facility, Balanced Body Chair Springs are the best Pilates springs available for strength, resilience and durability. Replacement springs for Balanced Body Chairs with Hourglass or Cactus spring mounts. Sold individually.
Pilates wall springs for wall-mounted resistance workouts.
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Spring Collars

Changing springs is simple with our easy-grip Spring collars. Included on all Allegro® 2 Reformers and can be added to any Balanced Body Reformer spring. Includes 5 Spring Collars. Patent pending. NOTE: this product is non-returnable.