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Black Pilates wedge for improved posture.

Large Upholstered Wedge

Great tool on and off the Reformer for larger, less experienced athletes, older, less mobile clients and in home exercise and physical therapy and rehab.
The Wedge is uniquely shaped to fit between the shoulder rests of the Balanced Body Reformers with a gentle 12-degree incline. It is also beneficial for clients who have suffered from shoulder, neck injuries, or who are not able to lie supine. Handmade in Sacramento, California.
Stock Color: Black


Blue Balance Pad by Balanced Body for stability training.
Balanced Body Cork Block product photo
Aqua Green non-skid pad for stable exercises.

Non-Skid Pad

A traditional rubberized pad to cushion knees, hips, or elbows on hard surfaces. The Non-Skid Pad can be use on floors, apparatus platforms, or anywhere you want extra padding. Non-skid surface keeps pad in place. Note: Black pad is thinner than other colors. See thicknesses listed below.


Balanced Body® C-Shaper product photo

Balanced Body® C-Shaper

A longtime favorite teaching tool, the Balanced Body® C-Shaper helps people to find and deepen their C curve and build stronger abdominals. It also offers support, feedback and works as a stepping stone into traditional Pilates mat work, without having to modify the exercises. Premium upholstery and padding.
Stock Color: Black


Vinyl Cushions by Balanced Body
The Slice product photo

The Slice!

Developed with Blossom Crawford of Bridge Pilates, the Slice is an excellent, multi-use positioning tool. Used on equipment and mat to support correct position, provide feedback and develop parallel foot and leg alignment. Premium upholstery and foam padding. Handmade in Sacramento, California. See demo videos below.


Blue large oval Pilates cushion for comfort and support.

Large Oval Cushion

A comfortable versatile cushion, the Large Oval Cushion is a helpful prop for users with tight hamstrings to sit in the correct alignment. Use lengthwise for exercises requiring a partial roll-down or widthwise for seated training. Works well as a balance challenge for standing exercises.
Color: Blue Swirl. Dimensions: 16.5″L x 9″W x 2″H (42cm x 23cm x 5cm)


Single black half-cylinder cushion for support.
Head Box Cushion product photo

Head Box Cushion

Head Box Cushions are best for supporting the head when utilizing a Standard or Contour Sitting Box on the Reformer. Head Box Cushions are good for any exercise where the client is lying on their back on the Sitting box and need head support. For example, any of the abdominal exercises done on the long box like Teaser or Backstroke.


Foam Block
Activ-Wedge product photo
Balanced Body Moon Box product photo

Balanced Body® Moon Box

Featuring our premium padding and upholstery, Balanced Body Moon Boxes are perfectly sized to work with Balanced Body Wall Towers, Reformers and Chairs. Moon boxes are used to create additional elevated exercise space and as a positioning prop in specific exercises. Stock color: Black.
Dimensions: 14″L x 9″W x 6″H (36cm x 23cm x 15cm)


Moon Box Lite product photo

Balanced Body® Moon Box Lite

Weighing in at just 0.95 pounds (.5kg), the ultra-lightweight Balanced Body Moon Box functions the same as a traditional moon box. Made of high-density foam, our Moon Box features a textured non-slip top and rounded edges.

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