Allegro® 2 Reformer with Tower and Mat 1
Allegro® 2 Reformer with Tower and Mat 2
Allegro® 2 Reformer with Tower and Mat 3
Close-up of Allegro 2 Reformer Tower of Power.
Woman exercising on Allegro 2 Reformer Tower of Power, focusing on full-body movements.
Woman targeting lower body while using the Allegro 2 Reformer Tower of Power.

Allegro® 2 Reformer with Tower and Mat

The Allegro Reformer with Tower and Mat offers most of the Trapeze Table repertoire, with no more space required. Adding the Tower increases Pilates exercise options and the ability to target specific muscle groups, enabling you and your clients to continuously progress.
Stock Color: Storm
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Expand your system. Level up your practice.

Pilates Reformer, Tower & Mat work builds strength, flexibility, and the connection between your mind and body as you focus intently on each movement. The result is enhanced performance and far less chance of injury.

A fully integrated system to work your whole body.

Combining the resistance of the Reformer with springs from the Tower creates an optimum training environment. Reformer with Tower work increases core strength while developing full body coordination and control.

Dramatically increase your exercise repertoire, including integrated exercises using the Tower System with the moving Reformer carriage and mat workouts as well as floor exercise on either side of the Tower. Revolutionary features like the easily adjustable footbar and SoftTouch® rope system will change the way you teach Pilates. Relish in the new universe of exercise possibilities, along with smooth-as-silk transitions, even while lying on the carriage. The complete Allegro 2 Reformer with Tower and Mat System includes an Allegro 2 Reformer with 15"(37.5cm) Leg Kit, Tower and Mat Conversion. Tower/Mat Conversion are easy to remove and stored as needed.

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  • Strikingly beautiful white powder coated aluminum frame with 15″ Legs
  • Upholstered carriage features our 8-wheel suspension system, with 4 vertical wheels that support the carriage, and 4 adjustable sidewheels that guide the carriage smoothly and quietly down the track.
  • 5 Balanced Body Signature Springs: 1 yellow, 1 blue, 3 red
  • Choose from two easily adjustable footbar options:
    • Carbon Fiber Footbar
      Strong, light, quiet and flexion absorbs impact
      10 lbs (4.5kg) and 1 7/8” diameter (48mm)
    • Standard Steel Footbar
      Strong, heavier and more rigid
      16.25lbs (7.4kg) and 2 1/8” diameter (54mm)
  • 3-position upholstered headrest integrates seamlessly with carriage for enhanced comfort and cervical support
  • Built-in, maple standing platform, pre-configured to accept optional padded jumpboard
  • Easy to move and store on end (optional wheel kit required)
  • Exclusive SoftTouch® rope system adjusts easily and quietly (no metal clips!) with swivel pulleys that allow variable angles of resistance
  • New • Tower matches Reformer with beautiful white powdercoat finish
  • Stable and secure Tower system with 29 spring attachment points
  • Extra-wide 3-sided push through bar 2.5” (6cm) wider than original Allegro) to accommodate larger or less flexible clients
  • Safety strap and carabiner included
  • Solid Maple roll-down bar
  • 8 Tower Signature Springs : 2 yellow (short), 2 blue (short), 2 yellow (long) and 2 purple (long)
  • SoftTouch Single Padded Loops
  • Premium upholstered 1-piece Mat Conversion drops in when carriage is at head-end of Reformer
  • Ingenious new storage area for springs when not in use, keeps near and out-of-way
  • CE Approved Medical Device
  •  Dimensions:
    • Reformer Frame: 94”L x 25.5”W x 9”H (238cm x 65cm x 22.5cm) +15”H (37.5cm) with legs
    • Reformer Frame Weight: 133 lbs (60.3kg) or 139 lbs (63kg) with legs
    • Tower Height: 61” (155cm) from top of Reformer frame
    • Tower Weight (with springs): 38.5 lbs (17.5kg)
    • Total Weight: 177.5 lbs (80.5kg) Total weight may vary depending on footbar and legs added
  • Heavy duty vinyl upholstery is available in 9 standard and 21 premium colors. Please call us at 916-388-2838 or email us for more information, and to order premium colors.
I upgraded to an Allegro 2 Tower of Power and simply LOVE it…the versatility, simplicity, ease of movement using it.

Kelly W.

I upgraded to an Allegro 2 Tower of Power and simply LOVE it…the versatility, simplicity, ease of movement using it.

Kelly W.

I upgraded to an Allegro 2 Tower of Power and simply LOVE it…the versatility, simplicity, ease of movement using it.

Kelly W.


Allegro 2 Reformer Tower installation requires installing Tower brackets on the frame. Allegro 2 Reformer frame-end removal is required. To watch our Balanced Body Garage video on how to unbox and assemble, click here. To download assembly instructions, click here.

The Tower is rigidly secured to the frame and does not fold. Single mat conversion can be stored under the frame.

Yes, but the Pulleys used for Reformer work are attached to the Tower, so you lose that functionality. Removing the Tower should only be done for storage reasons.

The Allegro 2 Reformer uses a single Mat Conversion. Conversion from Reformer to Mat;
1) Detach springs and move carriage to head-end of the frame. Clear ropes and loops.
2) Position and lower footbar at footbar end of frame.
3) Remove shoulder rests and risers.
4) Position single Mat conversion in the gap between the carriage and the standing platform.

Clean upholstery and footbar cover with Balanced Body Clean or gentle soap & warm water. Alcohol, bleach and chemical cleaners will damage upholstery.
Wash loops in cold water and air dry regularly.
Dust and clean tracks, wheels and springs regularly.