Allegro Tower of Power Retrofit Kit for reformer upgrade.
Allegro Tower of Power Retrofit Kit close-up product photo
Allegro Tower of Power Retrofit Kit, Balanced Body
Allegro Tower of Power Retrofit Kit is engineered and built for rigorous everyday use.
Allegro Tower of Power Retrofit Kit in-use photo
Pilates Reformer Training, Allegro Tower of Power Retrofit Kit
Allegro Tower of Power Retrofit Kit for Pilates reformer equipment

Allegro® Tower and Mat Retrofit Kit

This versatile full body training system offers an array of new workout options on the carriage and off the Reformer, from either side and back. You also gain nearly the entire Trapeze repertoire, with no additional equipment footprint. Expand your Reformer to continue your and your clients' progress!
Stock: Black. For Allegro Stretch Tower & Mat, please email or call us at 916-388-2838.

Expand your exercise repertoire with our Allegro Tower & Mat Retrofit Kit! Integrate the Tower into your Reformer workout program, and expand your floor exercise off either side of the Tower.

To order the Allegro Reformer Tower or Mat separately, or the Mat for the Allegro Stretch Reformer, please call us 916-388-2838 or email us.

Allegro Tower & Mat Retrofit Kit includes:

  • New • Strong, sleek and durable, the Allegro Tower has a gray powder coat finish
  • Premium upholstered Mat creates comfortable, supportive workout surface
  • Tower has 29 spring attachment points
  • 3-sided push through bar is extra wide (2.5”/6cm wider than original Allegro) to accommodate larger or less flexible clients
  • Safety strap and carabiner included
  • Maple roll-down bar
  • 8 Balanced Body Signature Springs™ for arm and leg exercises: Regular: 2 yellow (very light) and 2 blue (light). Long Springs: 2 yellow (very light) and 2 purple (medium). (4 regular, 4 long)
  • Pair of single loops
  • Watch our Allegro Tower & Mat installation video to help you as you set-up your new system!
  • Mat Conversion available online is for standard length Allegro Reformer
  • For a full list of features, see Allegro Tower of Power

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