Image showcasing the combination of a Pilates Reformer and Trapeze setup.
Pilates Reformer Trapeze Combination product photo
Pilates Reformer Trapeze Combination side photo
A multi-functional Pilates apparatus designed for versatile workouts, combining a reformer and trapeze.
Reformer Trapeze Combination close-up photo
Reformer Trapeze Combination

shown in Storm Upholstery

Woman using the reformer trapeze combination

Shown in Storm Upholstery

Woman utilizing reformer and trapeze for strength and flexibility training

Shown in Storm Upholstery

Man using the reformer trapeze combination

Shown in Storm Upholstery

Reformer Trapeze Combination™

The Reformer Trapeze Combination earns a “best of” award for its ability to offer maximum features and functionality within a minimal footprint. Think Studio Reformer meets Trapeze Table, and the result is this multi-function, highly versatile apparatus.
Stock Color: Black
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Ideal for any setting where space is limited, the Pilates Reformer Trapeze Combination combines the best of our Studio Reformer® and the Balanced Body Trapeze Table. The handcrafted, polished and sleek stainless-steel frame is easy to maintain and resistant to chipping, pitting and discoloration. Our proprietary Push-Through Bar Slide System is simple, fast and quiet. The hardwood base is hand-built of lapped and fitted joints for strength, stability and durability. Balanced Body Reformer fans will also enjoy our hallmark smooth, quiet carriage ride, premium upholstery and padding.

BONUS: the Reformer Trapeze Combination has our easiest conversion system with no need to lift, flip or turn the carriage to convert from Reformer to Tower, and equally as simple to go from Tower back to Reformer with this "2-in-1" apparatus.

For more accessory options, click here Trapeze Accessories.

All equipment includes access to the free videos section on our streaming video platform. Use our Reformer Comparison to see what each of our Reformers has to offer you.

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  • Engineered for maximum stability, easy adjustment and safety
  • Revo Footbar/Revo Springbar or Classic Footbar/No-roll Springbar configurations (see pricing above)
  • 10 Signature Springs: 2 each: yellow (short), blue (short), red (short), yellow (long), purple (long)
  • Retractable metal risers adjust up to 9″ (23cm) allowing for quick mat conversion
  • 5 Reformer Signature Springs: 1 green, 3 red, 1 blue
  • Hardwood core base hand-built with lapped and fitted joints
  • Cotton loops
  • Padded Foot Strap
  • Premium upholstered Standard Sitting Box
  • Built with wider-than-standard table base to accommodate a broad range of body types
  • Strong, safe stainless-steel canopy is easy to maintain, and resists chipping, pitting, corrosion, discoloration
  • 12 Trapeze Signature Springs with snap hooks:  2 yellow (short), 2 blue (short), 2 red (short), 2 black and 2 yellow (long), 2 purple (long)
  • Anodized aluminum Push-Through-Bar slide system adjusts to three heights and assembled as 3-sided or 4-sided bar
  • Solid maple roll-down bar with inside hooks
  • Padded trapeze bar with padded spring sleeves
  • Horizontal and vertical slider bars provide numerous positions for spring attachments, and adjust easily with butterfly knobs
  • Pair of soft lambswool fuzzies
  • Cotton canopy loops (long web, black)
  • Belly strap for positioning on table
  • Safety strap & carabiner
  • Adjustable thigh cuffs and adjustable ankle cuffs (1 pair each)
  • Twin mat conversion also acts as floor mat station
  • CE approved medical device (Class 1)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Reformer Frame
  • Dimensions:
    • Reformer Frame: 93”L x 26.5”W x 24”H (236cm x 67cm x 61cm)
    • Reformer Frame Height Options: 14”H (36cm) or 18”H (46cm)
    • Table Height (including mat conversion): 15.5”H (39cm) to 25.5”H (65cm), depends on frame height
    • Twin Mat Conversion: 46.5″L x 26.5″W x 3.25″H (118cm x 67cm x 8cm)
    • Canopy (above table base): 61.5”H x 30.5”W (156cm x 78cm)
    • Weight: 249 lbs (113kg)
  • Heavy duty vinyl upholstery is available in 9 standard and 21 premium colors. Our standard wood options include Strata® Rock Maple and Artisan Maple, and premium wood selections are Select Strata® Cherry, Mahogany and Walnut. Please call us at 916-388-2838 or email us for more information, and to order premium colors and woods
The Best All-in-One machine. I love the RTC! I literally use it every day. Converting the Reformer into a Trap Table is easy and quick!

Mereile B.

The Best All-in-One machine. I love the RTC! I literally use it every day. Converting the Reformer into a Trap Table is easy and quick!

Mereile B.

The Best All-in-One machine. I love the RTC! I literally use it every day. Converting the Reformer into a Trap Table is easy and quick!

Mereile B.


The Reformer Trapeze Combination comes partially assembled. Reformer Assembly includes springs, shoulder rests, and risers. Trap canopy assembly includes tube assemblies. The Reformer Trapeze Combination assembly should be done with two people working together. To watch our BB Garage video on how to unbox and assemble, click here. To download assembly instructions, click here.

The Reformer Trapeze Combination has a full Cadillac/Trap Table canopy. This tubular stainless steel canopy includes 3 primary components:
1) Vertical tubes with slider bar provide multiple spring attachment points.
2) Vertical tubes with adjustable Push-Through Bar.
3) Overhead/horizontal canopy with sliding Trapeze bar and Fuzzie loops.

The Reformer with Tower is a one vertical tube/tower with multiple spring attachment points and an adjustable Push-Through Bar. Reformer Towers do not have an overhead canopy.

There are no limitations based on size. The Reformer Trapeze Combination can work with all body types.

Clean upholstery with Balanced Body Clean or gentle soap & warm water. Alcohol, bleach and chemical cleaners will damage upholstery over time.
Wash loops in cold water and air dry regularly.
Dust and clean carriage tracks, wheels, and springs regularly.
Dust and clean canopy regularly.