Fitness Professional Programs


Expand your skills with Pilates. Learn the “why” behind the “how” in mind body movement.

For over 20 years, we have educated tens of thousands of students worldwide in the practice of Pilates. The success of Pilates historically has been in the quality of the equipment and the Educator.

We aim to teach Pilates really well, while expanding our network of inspired, confident teachers. Let us support you in discovering the very best in Pilates and creating your own distinctive teaching voice and style.


Group Reformer for Fitness Professionals

You already know the power of movement in changing members’ lives. Through our unique training, you will learn the Pilates repertoire on the Reformer, as well as foundational movement principles and how to use fitness exercises on the Reformer. You emerge with the power to create dynamic, safe, and effective programming that will help you attract and retain members and clients.

Integrated Movement Specialist®

Elevate your training and diversify your skillset with our Integrated Movement Specialist® certification. IMS is for fitness instructors who are Pilates curious and Pilates teachers wanting to add fitness into their practice. Our focus is cueing, coaching, program design and building critical reasoning skills through movement.

Want to discuss further? Email Education Program Coordinator Christine Crooks or call us at 916-440-3655