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Allegro 2 Reformer product photo
Wunda Chair product photo
Pilates Studio Reformer designed for a full range of exercises.
Wall Tower, Mat Moon Box package for versatile workouts.
Rialto Tower and Mat Conversion product photo
Pilates Arm Chair product photo
Bodhi Suspension System, Gray
Allegro Reformer Konnector product photo
BB Toolkit product photo

BB Toolkit

Our handy toolkit provides everything you need to service your Balanced Body equipment. The zippered carrying case includes: 5 Allen wrenches in various sizes, 2 open-end wrenches, 1 Phillips screwdriver, 1 flathead screwdriver, 4 drill bits, 1 knob wrench, 3 custom wrenches, 2 sockets and 1 socket arm.


CoreAlign Freestanding Ladder for posture and alignment training.
F.I.T. (Functional Integrated Trainer) Kit product photo

F.I.T. (Functional Integrated Trainer) Kit®

Get enhanced Functional Integrated Training with this economical upgrade to your Reformer with Tower. Our F.I.T. Kit®'s patented pulleys adjust the full height of the Tower, enabling you to create effective workouts that target specific movement patterns like a golf or tennis swing.


MOTR Full Body Workout System product photo
CenterLine Reformer with Tower and Mat setup.
Centerline Pole System Mat Moon Box package for diverse workouts.

CenterLine® Pole System, Mat & Moon Box Package

Space-saving by design, the handcrafted stainless-steel frame is smooth to the touch and resists chipping, pitting, corrosion, and discoloration. The Balanced Body® Slide System makes repositioning the push-through bar a fast, one-person job that will not interrupt the flow of your session on the Pole System.
Stock Color: Black


CenterLine Pole System product photo
Wall Tower product photo
Balanced Body, Pilates Springboard
Image showcasing the combination of a Pilates Reformer and Trapeze setup.
Orbit product photo
CenterLine Cadillac product photo
Trapeze Table - Cadillac product photo
Allegro Tower and Mat for customizable workout on the Allegro Reformer.
Allegro 2 Reformer Tower of Power for full-body workouts.
Ron Fletcher Reformer designed for advanced Pilates exercises.
Allegro Stretch Reformer product photo
Rialto Reformer product photo
Allegro Reformer product photo
CenterLine Reformer product photo
Clinical Pilates Reformer
Clinical Reformer product photo
Metro-IQ Pilates Reformer for a comprehensive workout.
Studio Reformer with Tower and Mat product photo
EXO Chair, Single Pedal | Single Pedal
CenterLine Chair product photo
Combo-chair product photo
CoreAlign equipment set up for physical therapy exercises.
Pilates Ladder Barrel designed for flexibility exercises.
Clara Step Barrel® Lite product photo
Contour Step Barrel product photo

Contour Step Barrel™

Superior upholstered padding and ergonomics are hallmarks of our Contour Step Barrel. Also known as a “spine corrector”, it features an elongated arch and rounded step for enhanced comfort and support. Dowel and cut-out handholds accommodate a variety of exercises and users of all abilities.
Stock Color: Black


Baby Arc, East Coast Style product photo

Baby Arc, East Coast Style

Ideal for mat work as well as exercise on equipment, the Baby Arc, East Coast Style supports the spine and helps users maintain proper positioning. Premium dense foam padding offers superior proprioceptive feedback as well as comfort.
Stock Color: Black


Baby Arc, West Coast Style product

Baby Arc, West Coast Style

Ideal for mat work as well as exercise on equipment, the Baby Arc, West Coast Style supports the spine and helps users maintain proper positioning. Premium dense foam padding offers superior proprioceptive feedback as well as comfort.
Stock Color: Black


Clara Step Barrel product photo

Clara Step Barrel®

Preferred by Fletcher Pilates practitioners, the Clara Step Barrel offers greater lumbar spine support and more precise pelvic placement. Ron Fletcher noted that Clara Pilates was fond of this apparatus, and the handle design better facilitated the work she taught him.
Stock Color: Black


East Coast Step Barrel product photo

East Coast Step Barrel

Superior comfort and traditional shallow well are key features of our East Coast Step Barrel. The gentle arch accommodates users of all abilities and body types, while the slightly rounded step offers comfortable support. Fully upholstered with premium dense padding.
Stock Color: Black


Pilates Arc product photo
Tower on the Go®
Ped-o-Pull Squarebase

Balanced Body® Ped-o-Pull

Originally designed by Joseph Pilates, the Ped-o-Pull challenges core stability in a functional standing position. This classic, space-saving apparatus can be used with wall-attachment brackets or “free standing”. We created the Kidney base for Pilates Elder Ron Fletcher.

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Mat & Moon Boxes for Wall Tower, Balanced Body

Raised Mat and Moon Boxes

Our premium upholstered padded Raised Mat and Moon Boxes are used with the Balanced Body Wall Tower to support and cushion you while exercising. They also double as a raised platform for your Pilates Mat workout.
Includes Mat with dowel handles and foot strap, and 2 Moon Boxes. Additional product purchase options linked below.
Stock Color: Black


Wall Tower Mat close-up product photo