About Pilates

Pilates for Beginners

Experts agree that taking a few classes at your local Pilates studio or club is a smart and safe way to begin Pilates. It is important to learn proper Pilates technique around movement and breathing that is best explained and demonstrated by a certified Pilates instructor. To find a qualified instructor near you, visit our Instructor Directory.

When you are familiar with Pilates, you may decide to join a group Reformer or Mat class. Many clubs offer free Mat classes to introduce their members to Pilates. Most group Reformer classes typically carry a fee.

Pilates and Physical Therapy

In addition, Pilates is now offered at many rehabilitation clinics and wellness centers. If you’ve been injured or are seeking physical therapy for chronic neck and back pain, hip/knee replacements, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, or other conditions, studies shows that Pilates can be an effective treatment. Discuss any treatment program with your healthcare team. For more on Pilates for rehabilitation and sports medicine applications, see our PT/Rehab Resources.