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Ultra-Fit Circle product photo

Ultra-Fit Circle®

Great for upper and lower body work, building strength and toning, our best-selling Ultra-Fit Circle is made of flexible plastic with a soft, rubberized shell and designed for home or studio use. Padded handles on both the inside and the outside of the ring offer superior comfort. Resistance is approximately equivalent to a 3-Band Spring Circle. Diameter: 15" (38 cm).
Pilates Arc product photo
Spinefitter® by SISSEL®

Spinefitter® by SISSEL®

Spinefitter by SISSEL is an innovative physical therapy and training device with 28 interconnected balls that relieve tension and improve joint mobility with deep pressure. Spinefitter by SISSEL enhances movement using deep pressure and open fibrous connective tissue in the spine, targeted body regions, and muscles groups.

Use in physical therapy and myofascial release, and on your Reformer, Chair and Barrel as an effective tool to enhance your workouts. Made in Lithuania.
Inflatable Ball (Storm Gray)
Sitting Box Lite product photo
Oov product photo
Black Pilates wedge for improved posture.

Large Upholstered Wedge

Great tool on and off the Reformer for larger, less experienced athletes, older, less mobile clients and in home exercise and physical therapy and rehab.
The Wedge is uniquely shaped to fit between the shoulder rests of the Balanced Body Reformers with a gentle 12-degree incline. It is also beneficial for clients who have suffered from shoulder, neck injuries, or who are not able to lie supine. Handmade in Sacramento, California.
Stock Color: Black
The Aligner, yoga block and positioning tool

The Aligner

Our innovative new "The Aligner" is a versatile, multi-use positioning tool. It is designed to be used on Pilates equipment and mat classes to help develop parallel foot and leg alignment and provide feedback. Made in USA of dense, lightweight foam. Great for studio and in home use!
A set of resistance bands in different colors and levels of resistance, arranged in a stack.

Resistance Bands

Made of super soft, tensioned fabric, Resistance Bands are your go-to tool for building inner and outer thigh strength, improving balance and agility, and increasing challenge in your Mat and Reformer workouts. Bonus: the non-slip lining keeps Bands in place while you move, stretch and squat. Polyester with latex. 3”W x 28” Circumference (7.6cm x 71cm.)
MOTR Full Body Workout System product photo
Magic Roller, Gray
“Pinky” Ball, Balanced Body
Soft-Spike Massage Balls product photo
Ultra-Fit Circle Mini product photo

Ultra-Fit Circle® Mini

Lightweight with comfortable inner/outer handles, our Ultra-Fit Circle® Mini is the wildly popular smaller version of our best-selling Ultra-Fit Circle®. Approx. 3” less in diameter then the Ultra-Fit Circle, our Mini Circle also lighter resistance, making it the perfect size for strengthening exercises, leg alignment work and beginning Pilates practitioners.
12-inch Rotation Disc Precision Rotator for balance. | caption::12 inch Rotator Disc
Slastix Resistance Bands Blue 25 inches

Slastix™ Resistance Bands

Designed for use on our EXO® Chair, Slastix™ Resistance Bands are a versatile option on the Trapeze Table (Cadillac), Tower and Springboard. Snap clips make them easy to attach and remove quickly and safely. Adding resistance training in to your Pilates workout will build strength and endurance!
Single black half-cylinder cushion for support.
Inflatable Ball, Balanced Body
Hanging Mat, purple
Vinyl Cushions by Balanced Body
Joe’s Toe Gizmo, Light

Joe’s Toe Gizmo®

The ultimate in toe correction and enhanced movement devices, Joe’s Toe Gizmo® improves bunions and toe misalignments, and strengthens feet while enhancing balance and gait. Our Toe Gizmo owes its heritage to a Pilates training tool, with modern innovations we think you’ll love! 2 spring resistances available: Heavy and Light.
Moon Box Lite product photo

Balanced Body® Moon Box Lite

Weighing in at just 0.95 pounds (.5kg), the ultra-lightweight Balanced Body Moon Box functions the same as a traditional moon box. Made of high-density foam, our Moon Box features a textured non-slip top and rounded edges.
Balanced Body Foot Corrector

Balanced Body® Foot Corrector

Designed in collaboration with leading Pilates educators, the Balanced Body Foot Corrector strengthens and lifts the arch of the foot, and improves balance and gait. Along with its safer, no-pinch design (patent pending), the Foot Corrector also accommodates longer and wider feet. Handmade in the USA.
Ribbed Inflatable Ball, Balanced Body
Balanced Body Aeromat, Blue
Flex Ring Toner product photo

Balanced Body Flex Ring Toner®

The Balanced Body Flex Ring Toner is a modern take on Joseph Pilates' Magic Circle. Our Flex Ring Toner is completely encased in a soft, non-slip rubberized coating. Rust-proof, Corrosion-proof and no sharp angles. Slenderized handles allow for a range of body types to use for deflection and resistance. Dimensions: 15"D (38cm). Please call us at 916-388-2838 for volume discount on quantities of 5+. U.S. Patents No. 5807217
TOGU Ball product photo


Improve your Pilates technique with the soft, grippy TOGU Ball. Ideal for abdominal, back extension, and lateral flexion exercises. Plus, the TOGU Ball is strong enough to kneel, lay and stand on. Inflates to 12″ (30cm). Commonly used partially deflated. Sold individually. Color: Blue.
Eric Franklin Air Ball product photo

Eric Franklin 6"-7" Air Ball

A multi-purpose ball ideal for balance and as a proprioceptive tool used in Franklin Method classes, and for mat class to support the upper body and challenge the core. Franklin Method founder Eric Franklin developed this ball for use in his exercise and movement classes.
Inflates with straw or by mouth, from 6″ to 7″ (15cm to 18cm). Sold individually.
SmartBell, blue
Black mini-mat for versatile exercise support.
EcoWise Pilates Mat product photo
Clara Step Barrel® Lite product photo
Yamuna Foot Wakers, pair

Yamuna Foot Wakers

Developed to retrain the feet and restore full foot function, Yamuna Foot Wakers help improve total body posture, alignment, gait, flexibility, and circulation. You will invigorate your feet with these inflated pods which gently massage all part of the foot. Improves foot muscle strength and tone, and reduces fluid retention. Sold as pair.
Handmaster Plus in-use photo
Softie Roller product photo
Two-Way Hand Pump with Needle and Nozzle product photo
EHS Pilates 2 Minute Fabulous Feet Kit product photo

EHS Pilates 2 Minute Fabulous Feet Kit

The EHS Pilates 2 Minute Fabulous Feet Kit helps you building better posture from the ground! Perfect for in studio and at home use, the Fabulous Feet Kit teaches you exercises to strengthen the ankles, arches, and toes, help with common foot problems, and assist you in executing corrective protocols.
Fabulous Feet Kit Includes: Pinky Ball, Spikey Ball, Super Ball, Rubber Band, and a Dowel.
Blue Balance Pad by Balanced Body for stability training.

Balance Pad

Improve core strength, balance, and motor control with our durable foam balance pad. Dense yet soft foam adds low level of instability standing, sitting, all fours, and bridging positions.
Color: Blue
Dimensions: 16″ x 19″ x 2.5″ (41cm x 21cm x 5cm)
Wrist Assured Gloves, Medium

Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGs)

Workout free of wrist pain! WAGs have an integrated gel pad that distributes pressure to minimize strain on wrists during workout. Non-slip palms with absorbent liners, and terry cloth thumbs for wiping your brow.
Great for users with general wrist discomfort, mild carpal tunnel syndrome, basal thumb joint pain, tendonitis and arthritis. Latex free and vegan. Unisex.
SISSEL Fun & Active Band product photo

SISSEL® Fun & Active Band

SISSEL® Fun & Active Bands are the ideal tool for low impact workouts, stretching and toning. Band resistances are light, medium and strong, as you gain strength, you increase your Band resistance to progress your fitness forward. Latex-free and odorless, our Bands are tactile and extra durable. Dimensions: 79″L x 6″W (200cm x 15cm). Sold in US and Canada only.
SISSEL Balance Board Dynamic product photo

SISSEL® Balance Board Dynamic

Designed to improve balance and coordination. Progressive exercise without changing equipment. Textured non-slip PVC surface. Handmade wood base. Accommodates weight up to 330lbs (150kg). Sold in U.S. and Canada only.
Weighted Ball, green
Balance Cushion product photo

Balance Cushion

Our inflatable Balance Cushion can be used standing for general balance work, core strengthening and foot fascia release, and seated for leg muscle stimulation and core strengthening. It also provides targeted back muscle release when lying on it. Ships inflated; inflates with ball needle (Pump and needle not included). Blue. Diameter 14" (35.5cm).
KnotOut in red, green, and blue for muscle tension relief.


The unique shape of the KnotOut helps you reach muscles that traditional rollers can’t access. It’s also easy to carry and pack, so you are never without your KnotOut! The small-size KnotOut is ideal to massage the bottom of the feet and palms of the hands. The medium size works well for the shoulders and lower legs. The large size is perfect for the glutes, hamstrings, and upper back. Made of durable natural rubber in a soft, grippy polyolefin sleeve. Easy to clean.
SISSEL Pilates Core Trainer product photo

SISSEL® Pilates Core Trainer

Innovative tool for core training. Four loops for simultaneous training of arms and legs, the all-round tool for core workouts! Medium resistance multi-layered green latex. Exercise guide included.
Burst-Resistant Fitness Ball, Red
Fletcher Towel product photo

Fletcher Towel

Balanced Body Founder & CEO Ken Endelman had a terrific and trusted relationship with Pilates elder Ron Fletcher. We maintain that solid relationship with his education school and the Fletcher community today. With the Fletcher Towel as an extension of the body, you will find your shoulder imbalances, create more range of motion, correct forward head posture and more. Use standing, seated or supine. Length: 57"(145cm)
Balanced Body Moon Box product photo

Balanced Body® Moon Box

Featuring our premium padding and upholstery, Balanced Body Moon Boxes are perfectly sized to work with Balanced Body Wall Towers, Reformers and Chairs. Moon boxes are used to create additional elevated exercise space and as a positioning prop in specific exercises. Stock color: Black.
Dimensions: 14″L x 9″W x 6″H (36cm x 23cm x 15cm)
Franklin Smooth Ball product photo

Franklin 4" Smooth Ball

Specifically designed for self-massage, balance and gait exercises, the Franklin 4” Smooth Ball is a great choice for skin sensitive clients. Franklin Method founder Eric Franklin developed these balls with a soft-to-the-touch yet firm feel for use in his movement classes. Approx. 4” (10cm) diameter. Ships semi-inflated. Inflates with a needle pump (sold separately.) Sold as pair.
Handweights, green


These easy-grip Handweights are the perfect addition to your home gym or studio. Integrate them into your workouts to gently build strength. The textured Neoprene coating helps to prevent slippage and available in three weights to get anyone started. Sold as pairs.
Blue Yoga and Pilates Foam Block for Exercise and Stretching

Foam Block

Smooth on surface and rigid for support, the EVA Foam Block is here to elevate a seated client who has short hamstrings, or to stand or sit on. Also great as positioning tool.
Color: Blue.
Dimensions: 3″ x 6″ x 9″ (8cm x 15cm x 23cm)
Playground Ball product photo
Spring Circle product photo

Balanced Body® Spring Circles

Faithful reproductions of Joseph Pilates’ Magic Circles. Our Pilates Circle is made by hand at Balanced Body from tempered spring steel with padded wooden handles. We offer 3 resistance levels that correlate to the number of bands in the Circle (see in drop-down menu below.) Dimension: 16.5″D (42cm)
BOSU Pro product photo


With the largest surface area of any BOSU® device, the BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer challenges the full body with multi-joint movements requiring muscle groups to work simultaneously together. BOSU® is known for balance, strength, and flexibility training, and delivering a challenging cardio workout. Patented non-slip base. Diameter 26″ (65cm). Color: Blue. US sales only.
Blue Sissel Pilates mat for comfortable exercises.
Activ-Wedge product photo
Textured Franklin Ball product photo

Textured 4" Franklin Ball

Used in Franklin method classes, the Textured 4” (10.1cm) Franklin Ball has a unique, uneven, honeycomb-textured surface specifically designed for self-massage, balance, and gait exercises. Franklin Method founder Eric Franklin developed these balls for use in his exercise and movement classes.
Ships semi-inflated. Inflates with needle pump (sold separately.) Sold as pair.
SISSEL Exercise Loops, Set of 2

SISSEL® Exercise Loops, Set of 2

Great training tool for increasing strength in fitness and rehabilitation, for all ages including seniors. Wide range of applications for workouts at home, office, and traveling. Small, convenient and ready-to-use. Set of 2 resistances: light (yellow) and strong (green). Dimensions: 13″L x 2″W (33cm x 5cm). Includes exercise instructions. Latex. Sold in US and Canada only.
Black rotator disc pad for balance training.
Balanced Body Large Foam Wedge product photo

Balanced Body Large Foam Wedge

The Balanced Body Large Foam Wedge is a multipurpose prop used on Pilates Equipment and on the Pilates Mat during floorwork. The Wedge enables those with tight muscle groups to get into proper position (seated, supine, and more). It also acts as an elevated head rest in supine. Made of firm closed-cell EVA foam with no chlorides, phthalates, or PVC.
Dimensions: 15.75" x 16" x 3.75" (40cm x 41cm x 9.5cm)
Stock Color: Black
Mat Hanging Rack in-use photo
SISSEL Spiky Domes product photo

SISSEL® Spiky Domes (Set of 2)

Increase your balance, coordination and give yourself a foot massage all at the same time. The nubby surface enhances physical perception and mobility. Used for standing and planking exercises. Set of 2 (red & blue). Diameter: 6.3″(16 cm). Suitable for all ages and accommodates weight up to 176lbs (80kg). Sold in US and Canada only.
MOTR Grip Cover product photo

MOTR® Grip Cover

No matter how much you sweat, our MOTR Grip Cover will keep you in place while exercising! The non-slip texture offers a grippy surface for feet, hands and knees. Machine wash cold, air dry. Color: Black.
The Slice product photo

The Slice!

Developed with Blossom Crawford of Bridge Pilates, the Slice is an excellent, multi-use positioning tool. Used on equipment and mat to support correct position, provide feedback and develop parallel foot and leg alignment. Premium upholstery and foam padding. Handmade in Sacramento, California. See demo videos below.
SISSEL Securemax Ball product photo
Spinefitter® by SISSEL®, Linum

Spinefitter® by SISSEL®, Linum

Use in combination with the Spinefitter, the Spinefitter Linum is a heating/cooling pad with linseed for targeted local treatment of the muscles near the spine. When heated, the Linum provides muscle relief to increase the effectiveness of your training. Follow preparation instructions included. 100% cotton black cover.
Deluxe Fitness Ball Base, Balanced Body

Deluxe Fitness Ball Base

No more rolling away! Keep control of your large Fitness Ball with our Deluxe Fitness Ball Base. For stationary seating or simply storing Fitness Ball. Fits balls 45cm, 55cm and 65cm. Black.
Franklin Mini Roll product photo

Franklin Mini Roll

The Franklin Mini Roll has an innovative double-ended ball shape that’s ideal for supporting and releasing muscles around the spine, legs, and shoulders, as well as activating the pelvic floor. Franklin Method founder Eric Franklin developed this small roller for use in his movement classes.
Approx. 4"D (10cm) and 6.5"L (16 cm). Ships semi-inflated. Inflates with needle pump (sold separately). Sold individually.
SISSEL Fit-Tubes product photo
Functional Footprints product photo

Functional Footprints®

Originally designed by Jean Claude West to help dancers achieve optimum technique, Functional Footprints are innovative, easy-to-use tools that teach leg alignment without placing stress on the ankle or knee. Used in clinic as an effective rehabilitation tool. Sold as a pair.
Black extra-firm foam roller for muscle relief.
Blue large oval Pilates cushion for comfort and support.

Large Oval Cushion

A comfortable versatile cushion, the Large Oval Cushion is a helpful prop for users with tight hamstrings to sit in the correct alignment. Use lengthwise for exercises requiring a partial roll-down or widthwise for seated training. Works well as a balance challenge for standing exercises.
Color: Blue Swirl. Dimensions: 16.5″L x 9″W x 2″H (42cm x 23cm x 5cm)
Balanced Body Cork Block product photo
Posture Ball 6 inch
High Density Blue Foam Roller
CenterLine Foot Corrector product photo
Franklin Easy Grip Balls

Franklin 5" Easy Grip Ball

Used in Franklin method classes, the Franklin 5” (12cm) Easy Grip Ball has soft rounded bumps for a better grip and more intense release in self-massage. Franklin Method founder Eric Franklin developed these balls for use in his movement sessions, and for balance and gait work. Ships semi-inflated. Inflates with a needle pump (sold separately.) Sold as pair.
Stretch-eze Band product photo

Stretch-eze™ Band

An innovative tool to integrate into any mat-based class. Stretch and strengthen opposing muscle groups, stabilize joints, and exercise pain-free with this revolutionary tool. Offers resistance and support for Pilates exercises such as rolling like a ball, the hundred and swan.
Balanced Body Portable Barre product photo

Balanced Body® Portable Barre

Portable, lightweight, and easy to store, the Balanced Body Portable Barre provides a stable and durable standing bar to aid in positioning while exercising. Our Portable Barre is constructed of aluminum with an anti-microbial, powder-coated finish, and is super simple to put up and take down.
Inflatable Wedge product photo
SISSEL Pilates Bands, natural
SmartSpine Professional Kit product photo | caption::SmartSpine Professional Kit
Ped-o-Pull Squarebase

Balanced Body® Ped-o-Pull

Originally designed by Joseph Pilates, the Ped-o-Pull challenges core stability in a functional standing position. This classic, space-saving apparatus can be used with wall-attachment brackets or “free standing”. We created the Kidney base for Pilates Elder Ron Fletcher.
Portable Roller Massager product photo

Portable Roller Massager

From Thera-band®, this Portable Roller Massage was designed for convenience, portability, and effective muscle release. Featuring retractable handles, this roller massager easily fits into a suitcase, briefcase, or gym bag! Made of durable latex-free thermoplastic, the Thera-band Portable Roller Massage is hygienic and easy to clean with an antibacterial wipe. Unique surface provides effective myofascial release. Dimensions: 19″L (48cm) with fully extended, and 12″L (30cm) when retracted.
Balanced Body® C-Shaper product photo

Balanced Body® C-Shaper

A longtime favorite teaching tool, the Balanced Body® C-Shaper helps people to find and deepen their C curve and build stronger abdominals. It also offers support, feedback and works as a stepping stone into traditional Pilates mat work, without having to modify the exercises. Premium upholstery and padding.
Stock Color: Black
Get on It! BOSU Balance Trainer. Workouts for Core Strength and a Super-Toned Body
EcoWise Flat Mat product photo
F.I.T. (Functional Integrated Trainer) Kit, Balanced Body | caption::F.I.T. Kit for Allegro & Studio Reformers (PN 12615)

F.I.T. (Functional Integrated Trainer) Kit®

Get enhanced Functional Integrated Training with this economical upgrade to your Reformer with Tower. Our F.I.T. Kit®'s patented pulleys adjust the full height of the Tower, enabling you to create effective workouts that target specific movement patterns like a golf or tennis swing.
Resistance Tubing  product photo

Lifeline® Resistance Tubing and Handles

Lifeline® Resistance Tubing & Handles is a complete full-body workout to build strength and endurance. Proprietary, nonslip, quick-change handles easily switch from one resistance level to the next. Lifeline’s durable resistance cables maintain maximum resistance longer. Sold separately below: 4 levels of resistance tubing, color-coded, in 5ft (152 cm) lengths and 1 pair non-slip quick-change handles.
SISSEL® Door Anchor
Wall Tower Mat close-up product photo
Flex Ring Toner Handle Pads product photo

Flex Ring Toner® Handle Pads

Designed specifically for Balanced Body Flex Ring Toner. Made of Neoprene®, our Handle Pads fit over the Flex Ring Toner handles and are secured in place with Velcro®. Handle Pads help protect sensitive skin. Non-returnable. Flex Ring Toner not included.
MyoTool product photo


Developed by physical therapists, the MyoTool is an innovative self-massage tool that enables patients to treat their own tightness, stiffness, and discomfort. The MyoTool’s unique shape and carefully placed knobs direct pressure on stubborn, hard-to-reach spots. Used to stimulate or gently massage any area, from bottoms of feet to neck. Portable and easy to clean. Exercise Guide included.
Red Sissel Terra Yoga Mat for comfortable yoga practice.
MOTR Home resistance adjustment system displayed.

Balanced Body® MOTR® Home

The Balanced Body MOTR Home was specifically developed to provide a safe, secure and mobile storage solution for up to 6 MOTRs. With heavy duty casters and rock solid construction, the MOTR Home makes it easy to transport your MOTRs in and out of class. Dimensions: 23.5”L x 16”W x 19.8”H (59.7cm x 40.6cm x 50cm)
Duet Roller Accessory System

Duet™ Roller Accessory System

Developed by Pilates educator Jenna Zaffino in collaboration with Balanced Body, the Duet Roller Accessory System securely tethers two rollers together. Creates a unique surface on which to perform supine, prone, seated and side lying exercises. Rollers not included