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Allegro® Reformer and Allegro® Stretch Reformer

Engineered and built for commercial fitness, perfect for home use.


The Allegro® Reformer, with more than 43,000 in use, is the most widely used and recognized Reformer in the world. And it keeps getting better.

The Allegro has won rave reviews from Pilates studios and fitness clubs for its ease of use, adjustability, safety and solid construction. Engineered and built for commercial fitness, the Allegro® is also perfect for home use.

The Stretch version of the Allegro Reformer, recently updated, is perfect for large and tall users over 6'4" (195cm).

Fits all body shapes and sizes

  • At 36" (91cm) wide with a securely-locking footbar. It’s 4 horizontal and 4 vertical positions accommodate users of all sizes and abilities.

Redesigned Allegro® Stretch

  • The Allegro Stretch frame is 18" (46cm) longer than the standard Allegro—great for jumping!—and the carriage is 2" (5cm) wider and 6" (15cm) longer. An oversized standing platform is included, and additional footbar adjustments accommodate shorter users, too.

Easy to use, move and store

  • The most versatile Reformer on the market, the Allegro offers all the pro features of our Studio Reformer® – plus it is portable. It stacks and stores vertically for convenient storage.
  • Fast to set up right out of the box – really! And at just 113 lbs. (51kg), it’s incredibly easy to move and store.

Expand when you are ready

Build your program at your own speed, and expand your exercise options by adding compatible accessories: tower, legs, mat conversion and more. And do it all without needing additional space.

No Reformer is more versatile for group exercise, personal training, rehab sessions, or home workouts.

Frame, Length 93" (236cm) 111" (282cm)
Carriage, Length 28.5" (72cm) 34.5" (88cm)
Carriage, Width 22.5" (57cm) 24.5" (62cm)
Standing Platform, Width 5" (13cm) 8.75" (22cm)
Footbar, Vertical Adjust 4 positions 5 positions
Footbar, Horizontal Adjust 5 positions 5 positions

Limited 10-year warranty on frame & footbar.

U.S. Patents No. 6186929, 6371895, 6971976

Get Training

Training & equipment packages

Launch a profitable Pilates program economically and efficiently with Allegro training and equipment packages. For information, contact us at 1-800-PILATES or


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Purchase a Sitting Box with your Allegro Reformer, and we’ll include a free Foot Strap with your order.

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30-day money-back guarantee

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Allegro Reformer, simply return it to us within 30 days for a refund (less freight). Guarantee applies to U.S. domestic customers only.


CE approved medical device (Class 1).

Storage and Portability

  • Stacks or stores on end for convenient storage, with or without legs.
  • Rolls into place with built-in transport wheels. A person of moderate strength can easily move the machine.


  • Choose your height. Without legs the Allegro frame is 6.75" (17cm) high. Optional leg kit elevates the frame to a personal training height of 14" (36cm).
  • Footbar: the safest (36"/91cm) footbar available. Standard Allegro footbar has 4 locking vertical adjustments and 4 horizontal. The Stretch Allegro has one additional vertical and horizontal adjustment so that it accommodates average-height users as well as large and tall users.
  • TwistLock™ shoulder rests: allow quick adjustments to 4 positions to accommodate different users, or complete removal if desired. Ergonomic and sculpted for comfort.
  • SoftTouch® rope system: easy to adjust and quiet, with no metal clips.
  • Three-position headrest for comfort and cervical support.
  • Built-in standing platform (with pad) with non-skid finish measures 5" x 22" (13cm x 56cm) on the standard Allegro. The Stretch Allegro includes an oversized standing platform, 8.75" x 22" (22cm x 56cm).
  • Swivel pulleys allow variable angles of resistance.
  • Anodized aluminum finish is sleek and durable.


  • Custom stability padding maximizes comfort. Choose the upholstery color that matches your home or facility. Heavy-duty vinyl in 35 colors. Nine colors are standard/free; 26 additional custom colors are available (extra charges apply). Stock color: Black.
  • Smooth, quiet carriage ride is the result of our 8-wheel suspension system, featuring 4 custom-built vertical wheels to support the carriage, and 4 adjustable sidewheels to guide the carriage smoothly down the track.

Balanced Body Signature Springs™

Package of five springs is included: 1 yellow (very light), 1 blue (light), 3 red (medium).

Time-tested for superior performance under strenuous use, patented springs from Balanced Body are the best available for strength, resilience and durability. Nickel-plated carbon steel, designed exclusively for Pilates.


Frame, Length 93" (236cm) 111" (282cm)
Carriage, Length 28.5" (72cm) 34.5" (88cm)
Carriage, Width 22.5" (57cm) 24.5" (62cm)
Standing Platform, Width 5" (13cm) 8.75" (22cm)
Footbar, Vertical Adjust 4 positions 5 positions
Footbar, Horizontal Adjust 5 positions 5 positions
Height 6.75" (17cm)
without legs;
14" (36cm)
with legs
6.75" (17cm)
without legs;
14" (36cm)
with legs
Footbar, Width 36" (91cm) 36" (91cm)
Weight 113 lbs (51kg)
without legs;
124 lbs (56kg)
with legs
138 lbs (63kg)
without legs;
149 lbs (68kg)
with legs


Safest, most versatile footbar available

The Allegro Reformer footbar allows one-step horizontal adjustments with no change in footbar height, a Balanced Body exclusive.

Allegro footbars lock securely in place for safety, on both Standard and Stretch versions of the Allegro. These footbars are 36" (91cm) wide with a 30.5" (77cm) padded cover. Perfect for second position and tall users.

Allegro® Reformer, Standard

  • Four vertical footbar positions increase or decrease the difficulty of the exercise.
  • Four horizontal footbar positions comfortably accommodate people of various heights. For a small person, move the footbar closer to the carriage. For a taller person, or to reduce hip and knee flexion, move the footbar away from the carriage.

Allegro® Reformer, Stretch

  • In combination with the oversized carriage on the Stretch version of the Allegro, this footbar has additional adjustability that allows both taller and shorter users to use the machine comfortably and with ergonomically correct positions.
  • One additional horizontal footbar adjustment (5 total) brings the footbar as close to the shoulder rests as on the standard Allegro.
  • One additional vertical footbar adjustment (5 total) is also available, which brings the footbar closer to the shoulder rests and also provides a higher position.


Konnector® Kit

Single-rope pulley system: move all four limbs independently!

Konnector Kit product thumbnail
Standing Platform Pads

For comfort on your Reformer’s built-in standing platform

Standing Platform Pad product thumbnail
Oversized Standing Platform

Great for larger feet and external rotation

Oversized Standing Platform thumbnail
Sitting Box Lite

An economical and lightweight option

Sitting Box Lite product thumbnail
Cardio Cloud

Add a softer jumping surface to your jumpboard in seconds.

Allegro® Tower of Power™ Retrofit Kit

It’s a reformer & a half-trapeze.

F.I.T. Kit®

Get enhanced functional training with this economical upgrade.

Allegro® Mat Conversion

A drop-in mat for standard and 14" Allegros.

Allegro Mat Conversion
Allegro 14" Retrofit Kit

Turns a standard Allegro into a 14" studio-height Allegro.

Allegro Retrofit Kit
Allegro Add-a-Platform™

Use spring resistance for pulling rather than pushing.

Allegro Add-a-Platform
Sitting Box

Open up a whole new realm of Reformer workouts.

Jumpus Maximus for Allegro Reformer

The largest jumpboard available

Jumpus Maximus thumbnail product photo
Padded Jumpboard

Padded Jumpboard, for Allegro Reformer (with handles)

Foot Straps

To use with your sitting box.

Foot straps product thumbnail
Wall Security Strap

Secures standing Allegros when storing vertically.

Allegro Jumpboard Retrofits

Retrofits for Allegro Reformers Jumpboards.