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Spinefitter by SISSEL®

Spinefitter by SISSEL®

SPINEFITTER by SISSEL is an innovative physical therapy and training device with 28 interconnected balls that relieve tension and improve joint mobility with deep pressure. SPINEFITTER by SISSEL enhances movement using deep pressure and open fibrous connective tissue in the spine, targeted body regions, and muscles groups.

Use in physical therapy and myofascial release, and on your Reformer, Chair and Barrel as an effective tool to enhance your workouts. Made in Lithuania.


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SISSEL Pilates Bands, natural
SISSEL Pilates Soft Ball product photo
SISSEL Press-Egg product photo. Pink - Soft
SISSEL Spiky Domes product photo
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SISSEL Vitalyzor product photo
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SISSEL Classic Plus, Balanced Body
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New • Spinefitter by SISSEL® Extension Kit

New • Spinefitter by SISSEL® Extension Kit

The Spinefitter by SISSEL® Extension Kit connects to the standard Spinefitter, offering greater surface area for taller users. It can also be used separately for myofascial release of specific muscle groups and targeted areas.


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SISSEL Pilates Toning Balls, pair
SISSEL® Terra Yoga Mat
SISSEL® Comfort
SISSEL Comfort Cover, light blue product photo
SISSEL Exercise Loops, Set of 2
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Spinefitter by SISSEL®, Linum

Spinefitter by SISSEL®, Linum

Use in combination with the SPINEFITTER, the SPINEFITTER Linum is a heating/cooling pad with linseed for targeted local treatment of the muscles near the spine. When heated, the Linum provides muscle relief to increase the effectiveness of your training. Follow preparation instructions included. 100% cotton black cover.


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SISSEL SITFIT Plus product photo
SISSEL Hand Pump product photo

SISSEL® Hand Pump

Ultra strong Hand Pump inflate SISSEL® Securemax® Balls. SISSEL products are sold in US and Canada only.


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