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Rings & Resistance

Based on Joseph Pilates' Magic Circle, the Ultra-Fit Circle®, Pilates Ring and Spring Circles provide total-body conditioning. So simple, yet so effective! Our Flex Ring Toner® video is highly recommended to help you attain the benefits of Pilates with any of our circle products.
Ultra-Fit Circle®

Made of flexible plastic with a soft, rubberized shell.

Ultra-Fit Circle product thumbnail
Ultra-Fit Circle® Mini

Smaller and lighter in resistance.

Ultra-Fit Circle Mini product thumbnail
Spring Circles

Faithful reproductions of Joseph Pilates' Magic Circles.

Spring Circles product thumbnail
Flex Ring Toner®

An updated version of Joseph Pilates' Magic Circle.

Flex Ring Toner product thumbnail
Flex Ring Toner® Handle Pads

Pads are recommended for those with sensitive skin.

Flex Ring Toner Handle Pads product thumbnail
Resistance Tubing

Taken to a new level of quality for the professional.

Resistance Tubing product thumbnail
Handmaster Plus

Hand exerciser using full range of motion.

Handmaster Plus product thumbnail

Versatile and economical for fitness and rehabilitation.

Thera-Band product thumbnail
Door Resistance Kit

Attach to any door and you are ready to go!

Door Resistance Kit product thumbnail