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Allegro Tower of Power Retrofit Kit for reformer upgrade.
Tower & Mat Conversion Retrofit Kit
Rialto Tower and Mat Conversion Retrofit Kit product photo
CoreAlign Wall Mounter Ladder product photo

CoreAlign® Wall Mounted Ladder

Designed to be used exclusively with the CoreAlign, The CoreAlign Wall Mounted Ladder is an excellent space saving choice. Solid 11 rung ladder is handcrafted of rock maple wood. Installation requires solid mounting to wall studs.
wunda chair high back
Combo chair pilates side photo | caption::Shown on Combo Chair

Removable High Back for Combo Chair

Our Removable High Back for Combo Chair adds challenge and more exercise options when you are ready to progress in your Pilates Chair work! Intensely strong and stable, our Combo Chair is the ideal base for adding the Removable High Back. Note: When purchased, Combo Chairs can be factory-drilled for High Back upgrade.
Stock Color: Black
| caption::Reformer sold separately
Rialto Reformer Konnector product photo | caption::Reformer sold separately
MOTR Home resistance adjustment system displayed.

Balanced Body® MOTR® Home

The Balanced Body MOTR Home was specifically developed to provide a safe, secure and mobile storage solution for up to 6 MOTRs. With heavy duty casters and rock solid construction, the MOTR Home makes it easy to transport your MOTRs in and out of class. Dimensions: 23.5”L x 16”W x 19.8”H (59.7cm x 40.6cm x 50cm)
Large Sitting Box with Lip product photo

Large Sitting Box with Lip

Used with your Balanced Body® Reformer, our Large Sitting Box expands Reformer workouts with prone and abdominal strength exercises, side stretching and more comfortable options for seated exercise.
Stock Color: Black
Contour Sitting Box product photo

Contour Sitting Box

Used with your Balanced Body Reformer, our Contour Sitting Box expands Reformer workouts with prone and abdominal strength exercises, side stretching and seated exercise. We’ve rounded the edges to fit the body better and encourage a larger range of motion. More comfortable for prone exercises (Swan) and supine long box exercises (Back Stroke).
Stock Color: Black
Proprioception T-Bar product photo

Proprioception T-Bar

An exclusive Balanced Body® product, the Proprioception T-Bar helps Physical Therapists and Rehabilitation Specialists assess patient asymmetries on the Clinical Reformer®, Studio Reformer® or Reformer Trapeze Combination™.
EXO Chair Split Pedal Retrofit Kit product photo

EXO® Chair Split Pedal Retrofit Kit

Our split pedal EXO® Chair offers a greater breadth of exercises than the single pedal because the split pedal offers reciprocal and rotational movements. This Retrofit Kit adds split pedal functionality to your EXO Chair and retains the single pedal you've come to love! Installation guidance required - please call us at 916-388-2838 to discuss and order.
Balanced Body Push-Through Bar for Springboard product photo

Balanced Body® Push-Through Bar for Springboard

The Balanced Body Push-Through Bar is exclusively for our Pilates Springboard™ to add versatility in performing more Trapeze Table exercises off your Springboard! The anodized aluminum bar easily attaches to your existing Springboard (mount brackets and hardware included). You don’t need to remove or alter your installed Springboard. The Push Through Bar can be used in 3 different positions. Includes the bar. Includes 2 each of either Red (medium) or Blue (light) springs.
Standard Sitting Box product photo

Standard Sitting Box

Used with your Balanced Body® Reformer, our Standard Sitting Box expands Reformer workouts with prone and abdominal strength exercises, side stretching and more comfortable options for seated exercise.
Stock Color: Black (12431) and Storm (12431S)
Black Centerline Sitting Box for additional support and versatility.

CenterLine® Sitting Box

Used with your Balanced Body Reformer, our Centerline Sitting Box expands Reformer workouts with prone and abdominal strength exercises, side stretching and seated exercise. It features significantly more features extra padding on sides and top. More comfortable especially for prone exercises (Swan) and supine long box exercises (Back Stroke).
Stock Color: Black
New York Sitting Box

New York Sitting Box

Used with your Balanced Body Reformer, our New York Sitting Box expands Reformer workouts with prone and abdominal strength exercises, side stretching and more comfortable options for seated exercise.
Stock Color: Black
Springs stored vertically for organized storage.

Balanced Body Spring Storage Rack

Balanced Body Spring Storage features a black grid beautifully framed in hand-finished solid maple wood. This hanging unit creates sturdy wall storage for springs, loops, handles, and more! Dimensions: 54"H x 28"W x 3.5"D (137cm x 71cm x 9cm).
Maple Push-Through Bar product photo

Maple Push-Through Bar

While most of our Tower and Trapeze (Cadillac) equipment include an aluminum push-through bar (except for our CenterLine® apparatus), our Maple Push-Through Bar is an add-on accessory. Handcrafted and finely sanded, this wood push-through bar offers a unique look and feel.
studio reformer standing platform extender
Traditional Reformer Accessory Kit product photo

Traditional Reformer Accessory Kit

Have a Reformer but not the commonly used props used with it? Our Reformer Accessory Kit has you covered! This convenient Kit includes accessories that will enhance your Reformer training.
Face Rest

Face Rest

The upholstered Face Rest is used on the Trapeze Table, wood frame Reformers and the Reformer Trap Combination. When the user is in prone position, the Face Rest comfortably supports face. In supine position the Face Rest supports head and neck. The Face Rest is articulating, offering a multitude of head positioning options.
Stock Color: Charcoal
Padded Jumpboards, Allegro 2 | caption::Allegro 2 Jumpboard
Balanced Body Sitting Box Riser close-up photo

Balanced Body® Sitting Box Riser

Quickly and easily raise your Balanced Body® Sitting Box to the height of our EXO Chair®, Combo Chair or Trapeze Table using the Balanced Body® Sitting Box Riser. This innovative device provides extra support for exercises like reverse swan or side lying oblique work. 2 sizes. Sitting Box not included.
Allegro Standing Platform Extender product photo
Black padded Footplates for Ladder Barrel.

Ladder Barrel Padded Footplates

Balanced Body Ladder Barrel Padded Footplates provide options for elevated standing between the rails of your Ladder Barrel and against the uprights. Use the horizontal footplate alone or with the vertical foot plate. Horizontal footplate: 23″ x 12.25″ (58cm x 32cm). Vertical footplate: 23″ x 7.25″ (58cm x 18cm).
Oversized Standing Platform for Studio Reformer close-up photo

Oversized Standing Platform for Studio Reformer®

Balanced Body Oversized Standing Platform adds versatility and function to your Reformer. This popular accessory increases the size of the built-in platform giving you more room for feet, handles, knees and elbows, depending on exercise. It works with all Balanced Body Studio Reformer footbar configurations and includes a pad for added comfort, and secure non-skid surface. Maple wood matches your Studio Reformer.
Balanced Body Moon Box product photo

Balanced Body® Moon Box

Featuring our premium padding and upholstery, Balanced Body Moon Boxes are perfectly sized to work with Balanced Body Wall Towers, Reformers and Chairs. Moon boxes are used to create additional elevated exercise space and as a positioning prop in specific exercises. Stock color: Black.
Dimensions: 14″L x 9″W x 6″H (36cm x 23cm x 15cm)
Allegro 2 reformer standing platform extender
Rialto Reformer Standing Platform Extender product photo
Padded Foot Stopper product photo

Padded Foot Stopper for Cadillac

Featuring premium padded textured upholstery, our Padded Foot Stopper is used at the end of the Trapeze Table (Cadillac) to offer comfortable platform for feet. It is wider than canopy uprights to ensure it stays in place while you are exercising. Black only. Dimensions: 9″H x 38″W (22.5cm x 95cm)
Trap table extender component for Pilates.

Trapeze Table Extender

Our innovative pull-out shelf with upholstered box adds 12″ (30cm) to the table length and provides additional options for positioning on the table. Shelf is 12″ x 14″ (31cm x 36cm) and Cushion is 12″ x 14″ x 8″ (31cm x 36cm x 20cm).
NOTE: Optional Extender Shelf should be requested when ordering the Trap Table.
Head Box Cushion product photo

Head Box Cushion

Head Box Cushions are best for supporting the head when utilizing a Standard or Contour Sitting Box on the Reformer. Head Box Cushions are good for any exercise where the client is lying on their back on the Sitting box and need head support. For example, any of the abdominal exercises done on the long box like Teaser or Backstroke.
Sitting Box Lite product photo
Balanced Body Multifunctional Straps product photo

Balanced Body® Multifunctional Straps

Developed in collaboration with Gordon Hart, PMA-CPT and Christopher White, DPT, the Balanced Body Multifunctional Straps are used on Pilates apparatus to add abduction challenges to arm and leg exercises, developing the deepest level of joint stability and control. Perfect for the rehab client and the elite athlete.
Cardio Cloud product photo

Balanced Body Cardio Cloud

The Balanced Body Cardio Cloud creates a softer jumping surface on all Balanced Body jumpboards. Ideal for those with sensitive feet, or ankle, knee or hip problems, the Cardio Cloud encourages full articulation of the feet, while the durable foam padding ensures better biomechanics for jumping. 2 sizes fit all Balanced Body jumpboards.
Wunda Pedal Stopper product photo

Wunda Chair Pedal Stopper

Our padded, upholstered Wunda Chair Pedal Stopper is designed to limit the foot pedal’s range of motion in a variety of positions. For Balanced Body® Wunda Chair only. Color: Black.
BB Toolkit product photo

BB Toolkit

Our handy toolkit provides everything you need to service your Balanced Body equipment. The zippered carrying case includes: 5 Allen wrenches in various sizes, 2 open-end wrenches, 1 Phillips screwdriver, 1 flathead screwdriver, 4 drill bits, 1 knob wrench, 3 custom wrenches, 2 sockets and 1 socket arm.
Leather & Wood Handles product photo

Leather & Wood Handles

A sturdy, secure grip during your workout is important for safety – and factors in to how well you perform. Balanced Body offers 4 handle types so you can choose what best suits your needs. Our Leather & Wood Handles have a secure snap clip attachment, smooth wood grip and premium leather strap. Dimensions: 1"D x 4.25"L (2.5cm x 10.8cm)
SoftTouch Rope & Padded Double Loop Kit, Balanced Body

SoftTouch™ Rope & Padded Double Loop Kit

Want a quiet, flowing Reformer experience? Upgrade your current Studio, Clinical or Allegro 1 Reformer with SoftTouch Ropes & Padded Double Loops system, the soft, non-metal rope attachment system that offers for the smoothest ride. Easy assembly.
Weighted Metal Pilates Poles product photo

Weighted Metal Pilates Poles

Add resistance to a variety of exercises on the Mat, Reformer, Ladder Barrel, and other apparatus with our Weighted Metal Pilates Poles. Easy to use and versatile, it encourages stable positioning of the arms and shoulders while you strengthen and tone your muscles. Rubber end caps (note: 2lb pole has white end caps).
Weights Available: 2 lbs (0.9kg) , 3 lbs (1.4kg), 3.8 lbs (1.7kg), 31″L (79 cm)
Mint-colored premium padded loops.

Reformer Premium Loops (Padded)

Padded with purpose, these Reformer Premium Loops are neoprene lined for cushioning comfort. Each Double Loop has 2 lengths for hands and feet. The quiet, durable paracord connects easily to clip and rope attachments. Loop and paracord made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Beautiful colors too!
Pilates Y Loop, single


For anyone who has trouble keeping feet in loops, Y-Loops are an alternative solution during Reformer & Trapeze (Cadillac) work. Designed with specific angles and smaller loops for a snugger fit. Y-Loops attach to all trap springs, to rope snap clips, and to SoftTouch ropes. Soft fleece fabric inside and integrated Velcro® loop holds the foot securely in place.
Tri Loops, Balanced Body

Tri Loops

Exclusive to Balanced Body, Tri Loops have a “hidden” third strap that provides additional support for hands and feet while doing your workout. These versatile Loops are a 3-in-1 option: a short hand loop, a longer foot loop and a “y” loop that securely cradles foot and ankle.
CoreAlign Cover product photo close-up

CoreAlign® Cover

Designed specifically to fit our CoreAlign, the CoreAlign Cover protect your equipment from dust, hair, and dirt. Machine washable. CoreAlign not included. Color: Dark Gray.
Gondola Pole product photo

Balanced Body® Gondola Pole

The Balanced Body Gondola Pole is used for balance when doing Pilates standing work on our Reformer. Made from solid premium hard wood, our light weight Gondola Pole matches Balanced Body maple wood equipment. Perfect for arm and core exercises. Rubberized ends provide traction on the floor.
5′L (152cm), 1.25"D (3cm).
Balanced Body Trapeze Stability Swing product photo

Balanced Body Trapeze Stability Sling

The Stability Sling was developed to use with the trapeze bar on the Balanced Body Trapeze Table (Cadillac). Designed by Marie-José Blom, this innovative tool provides support, challenge and repertoire versatility. The Stability Sling is helpful for clients with special needs such as fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, and the elderly. Includes 2 carabiners. Requires long yellow springs (not included.)
Metro™ IQ® Reformer - Retrofit Wheel Kits product photo

Metro IQ® Reformer - Retrofit Wheel Kits

Our Retrofit Wheel Kit enables you to switch your Metro IQ® Reformer transport wheels from “Library” to “Wheelbarrow” wheels or vice versa. Metro IQ transport wheels make moving the Reformer around easy! Library wheels enable upright storage, while “Wheelbarrow” wheels enable storage under a bed. For Metro IQ® Reformer only.
Balanced Body Long Roll-Down Bar with Inside Hooks product photo
SoftTouch Polypro Handles product photo

SoftTouch™ Polypro Handles

A sturdy, secure grip during your workout is important for safety – and factors in to how well you perform. Balanced Body offers 4 handle types so you can choose what best suits your needs. Our SoftTouch polypropylene strap handles have a comfy Neoprene® grip with rope attachment. Dimensions: 1.4"D (3.6cm) x 5.4"W (13.7cm)
Pilates Reformer Towel product photo

Pilates Reformer Towel

Made from the highest quality microfiber, this durable yet stylish towel from Salt & Honey provides incredible grip during workouts, and quickly absorbs sweat and moisture. Designed specifically for Balanced Body Studio Reformer. Dimensions: 30.5"L x 23"W (58cm x 77.4cm)
Vinyl Cushions by Balanced Body
Roll-Down Bar with Outside Hooks product photo
Standard Roll-Down Bar with Inside Hooks product photo
Double D-Ring Loops product photo

Double D-Ring Loops

Double D-Ring Loops are a 2-in-1 accessory for your Reformer. These Loops offer longer length when one D-ring is attached to the Reformer rope. They provide a shorter length if you attach both D-rings to the Reformer rope.
Wooden Maple Dowel for grip and alignment.

Maple Dowel

The ideal tool for alignment, arm work, balance, and more. Balanced Body's hand-finished solid maple dowels increase focus on scapular stabilization while performing exercises on the Reformer, Ladder Barrel and Mat. Solid Maple. Dimensions: 1.25"D (3.18cm), Weight: 1lb. (0.45kg) Length options: 27″ (68cm), 32″ (81cm), 36″ (91cm).
Chair Wheel Bracket Retrofit product photo

Chair Wheel Bracket Retrofit

For older Balanced Body(R) Combo Chairs without wheels, upgrade with our Chair Wheel Bracket Retrofit kit. Wheel Bracket is mounted at the bottom of the back of the Combo Chair. For Combo Chairs only. Assembly requires drill (not included.)
Rialto Loop Hooks in-use photo

Rialto® Loop Hooks

Our Rialto Loop Hooks attach to your Reformer carriage and hold the loops out of way but within easy reach when needed. This easy-to-install accessory for Rialto Reformer only ensures a smooth, seamless workout. Assembly instructions included.
Pair of coral-colored Reformer Lite Loops.

Reformer Lite Loops

Perfect for any workout, Reformer Lite Loops are compact and have a soft, natural, feel. The durable quiet paracord connection is versatile and attaches easily to both clip and soft-rope attachments. Loop and paracord made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Beautiful colors too!
Blue large oval Pilates cushion for comfort and support.

Large Oval Cushion

A comfortable versatile cushion, the Large Oval Cushion is a helpful prop for users with tight hamstrings to sit in the correct alignment. Use lengthwise for exercises requiring a partial roll-down or widthwise for seated training. Works well as a balance challenge for standing exercises.
Color: Blue Swirl. Dimensions: 16.5″L x 9″W x 2″H (42cm x 23cm x 5cm)
Moon Box Lite product photo

Balanced Body® Moon Box Lite

Weighing in at just 0.95 pounds (.5kg), the ultra-lightweight Balanced Body Moon Box functions the same as a traditional moon box. Made of high-density foam, our Moon Box features a textured non-slip top and rounded edges.
Cotton Webs for Fuzzies product photo

Cotton Web Straps (for Fuzzies)

Our premium Balanced Body® Cotton Web Straps are used with Fuzzies on Trapeze Tables (Cadillacs) to support arms or legs when you are suspended from the overhead canopy. Long loops can be adjusted shorter by double-looping over the canopy tube. Color: Black. Length: 29.5" (75cm.) Sold as pair. Fuzzies are sold separately.
Spring Tab Kit for Chairs product photo
Pilates wall springs for wall-mounted resistance workouts. | caption::Sold individually
Triple D-Ring Cotton Loops product photo

Triple D-Ring Cotton Loops

Our Triple D-Ring Cotton Loops are 2-in-1 extenders. You can clip on to ropes or straps and use the extenders at their full 26.25" (67cm) length or double them over and use at 13” (33cm). Handles also clip on the rings (handles sold separately).
Trapeze springs for advanced Pilates and aerial exercises. | caption::Sold individually

Balanced Body® Trapeze Springs

Balanced Body Trapeze Springs are the best available for strength, resilience, and durability. High quality, tested and proven, springs are important for safety and consistent resistance while exercising. Trapeze springs have snap clips at both ends. Sold individually.
Cotton Web Straps sold separately | caption::Cotton Web Straps sold separately

Fuzzies (Lambswool Loops)

Fuzzies are for comfort on the Trapeze Table (Cadillac), especially when suspended from the overhead canopy during your workout. Balanced Body Fuzzies are secured with Velcro® for secure, strong fit. Real natural lambswool not synthetic. Cotton Web Straps sold separately.
Pair of chair springs for adjustable resistance. | caption::Sold individually

Balanced Body® Chair Springs

Our Chair Springs were developed with over 40 years of experience working specifically in the Pilates environment. Continually evaluated for quality and consistency and manufactured in a certified ISO 9000 facility, Balanced Body Chair Springs are the best Pilates springs available for strength, resilience and durability. Replacement springs for Balanced Body Chairs with Hourglass or Cactus spring mounts. Sold individually.
CoreAlign Bumper Retrofit Kit
padded softouch loops | caption::Padded SoftTouch Loops

Single Loops

Our standard Single Loops are made of cotton webbing with a D-ring attachment. Padded Single Loops feature cotton webbing with cushioning lining and D-ring connector. Our SoftTouch™ Padded Single Loops are made of cotton webbing with cushioning lining and a durable rope attachment that reduces noise while in use.
Balanced Body Large Foam Wedge product photo

Balanced Body Large Foam Wedge

The Balanced Body Large Foam Wedge is a multipurpose prop used on Pilates Equipment and on the Pilates Mat during floorwork. The Wedge enables those with tight muscle groups to get into proper position (seated, supine, and more). It also acts as an elevated head rest in supine. Made of firm closed-cell EVA foam with no chlorides, phthalates, or PVC.
Dimensions: 15.75" x 16" x 3.75" (40cm x 41cm x 9.5cm)
Stock Color: Black
Black Polypro Neoprene handles for comfortable and secure grip.

Polypro Neoprene® Handles

A sturdy, secure grip during your workout is important for safety – and factors in to how well you perform. Our polypropylene strap handles have a comfy Neoprene grip with metal D-ring attachment. Dimensions: 1.3”D (0.5cm), 4.9”W (1.9cm).
Adjustable Velcro Ankle Cuffs product photo

Adjustable Velcro Thigh & Ankle Cuffs

Our Adjustable Cuffs are made of ballistic nylon for strong support with a D-ring for secure attachment. The Velcro strap easily adjusts to fit all body types. Ankle Cuffs are used in place of straps for foot conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, allowing users to perform feet in strap exercises. They're also very useful for wrists, especially in physical therapy and for users with weak or injured hands.
Signature Pilates Reformer springs in yellow, green, red, and blue for varied resistance. | caption::Sold individually

Balanced Body® Signature Springs for Reformers

It’s all in the springs. Patented and custom-built of nickel-plated carbon steel, Balanced Body Signature Springs for Reformers are the best Pilates springs in the world.
High quality, proven springs are important for safety, durability and consistent resistance while exercising. With 45+ years field testing, our Springs are proven to meet Pilates’ specific standards, every day and every workout. Sold individually.
Balanced Body vinyl covers for double cotton and padded loops. | caption::Vinyl Covers for Double Cotton and Padded Loops

Balanced Body® Vinyl Covers

Our Vinyl Covers for Loops are sized for Balanced Body Cotton Loops and Padded Loops. Featuring premium vinyl with industrial grade Velcro closures for easy on/off, these innovative Loops Covers are easy to clean after each workout.
Push-through bar covers highlighting their texture and material.

Push-Through Bar Covers

Made from soft, rubberized material, these covers create a secure, non-slip surface for feet and hands. 2 sizes. Black only.
Balanced Body® EZCLEAN double d ring

Balanced Body® EZCLEAN™ Loops & Straps

Balanced Body EZCLEAN Loops & Straps are made of durable nylon and PVC, with a leather-like semi-gloss coating that is soft, supple, and simple to clean. EZCLEAN Loops and Straps make it easier for Balanced Body customers to clean your loops and footstraps after each use. Available for most Balanced Body Reformers.
Individual actively engaged in exercise with Pilates foot straps connected to a reformer.


Often used with a Sitting Box in Reformer exercises, the Footstrap adds versatility to a workout. Combined with the Box, our Balanced Body Footstraps secure a foot or both feet during exercises like the Short Box Series, and Mermaid.
Replacement Band Kit for CoreAlign product photo
Non-skid Strips for Wood Equipment product photo

Non-Skid Strips for Wood Equipment

Keep your wood reformer in position on wood floors and low-pile carpet with our Non-Skid Strips. Our non-skid strips are great for wood equipment that you don’t plan to move frequently. Just remove strip backing and apply to the bottom of the legs. Includes 8 strips (2 for each Reformer leg). Dimensions: 5.5”L x 1″W (14cm x 2.5 cm). Color: Gray.
Wall Tower Chain product photo

Wall Tower Chain

Designed to be used with Balanced Body Wall Tower. Our Wall Tower Chain creates multiple spring attachments points in the center of the Wall Tower. Integrated carabineers attach to Wall Tower Eyehooks. Chain length is 29" (73.7 cm).
Balanced Body Clean product photo

Balanced Body Clean™

Balanced Body Clean™ is a 100% natural and biodegradable, all-purpose cleaner and disinfectant that cleans, disinfect, and remove dirt, grease and oil from porcelain, plastic, glass, vinyl upholstery and metal. Use in studio and at home. Available in pre-mixed 650ml (22 fl oz.) bottle with trigger spray and 125 ml (4.2 ft. oz) concentrate that you mix with water (equals 9 trigger spray bottles when mixed with water as directed.)
Spring Collars product photo

Spring Collars

Changing springs is simple with our easy-grip Spring collars. Included on all Allegro® 2 Reformers and can be added to any Balanced Body Reformer spring. Includes 5 Spring Collars. Patent pending. NOTE: this product is non-returnable.
Aqua Green non-skid pad for stable exercises.

Non-Skid Pad

A traditional rubberized pad to cushion knees, hips, or elbows on hard surfaces. The Non-Skid Pad can be use on floors, apparatus platforms, or anywhere you want extra padding. Non-skid surface keeps pad in place. Note: Black pad is thinner than other colors. See thicknesses listed below.
MOTR Grip Cover product photo

MOTR® Grip Cover

No matter how much you sweat, our MOTR Grip Cover will keep you in place while exercising! The non-slip texture offers a grippy surface for feet, hands and knees. Machine wash cold, air dry. Color: Black.
6 CoreAlign Band Handles
CoTear Non-Slip Tape product photo

CoTear™ Non-Slip Tape

Need stronger grip on your Pilates equipment? Try CoTear, an easy to remove, medical-grade adhesive tape with textured fabric non-slip surface for better grip. Each roll is 2" wide, 5 yards long (5cm x 4.5m).
Push-Through Bar Connector product photo

Push-Through Bar Connector

Use our Push-Through Bar Connector to add a fourth side on your aluminum Push-Through Bar. When you push the bar past center, the spring will continue to pull the bar toward you. We offer 5 different Push-Through Bar Connectors. Please call Balanced Body tech support at 916-388-2838 to order the correct Push-Through Bar Connector for your system.