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Pilates Books

Pilates books to help users of all levels of experience take the next step.
New! Pilates Basics

Build a solid foundation.

Pilates Basics product photo
New! Fascia in Motion

For movement professionals and therapists.

Fascia in Motion product photo
Pilates and Parkinson’s

For instructors and those living with Parkinson’s.

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Moving Beyond Technique

How to Nurture Your Passion, Master Your Craft, and Create A Thriving Pilates Business

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Return to Life Through Contrology

Joseph Pilates’ original work

Practical Centering

Learn how to energize, heal, and relieve stress.

Pilates Evolution: The 21st Century

Make Pilates more challenging.

No-Risk Pilates

Make Pilates exercises mistake free & enjoy all the benefits.

Pilates and Calisthenics for Children

Get them on the road to health.

The Pilates Path to Health

Gain a deeper understanding of the work.

Fighting Gravity

Ready to get off the couch?

Pilates Chair: Challenging the Core

A comprehensive chair book.

Pilates for Equestrians

Designed with the rider's unique needs in mind!

Pilates Anatomy

Explore the mechanics of Pilates like never before.

Pilates Illustrated

Great for the novice or seasoned Pilates enthusiast.

Practical Pilates Using Imagery

Pilates into your everyday life.

Using Small Props for Big Results

A guide to using props.

Get on It! BOSU Balance Trainer

Tap the power of the BOSU.

Anatomy of Movement

Learn about body structures & related movements.

Anatomy of Breathing

A clear and helpful guide to learning breath.

The Female Pelvis

Become more familiar with the female pelvis.

Mind Your Body

Pilates for the Seated Professional

Morning Pilates Workouts

Maximize the benefits of your early-day routine.

The Golfer's Guide to Pilates

Step-by-Step Exercises to Strengthen Your Game.

The New Rules of Posture

How to Sit, Stand and Move in the Modern World

Inner Focus/Outer Strength

Imagery and exercise for Health, Strength and Beauty.

Pelvic Power

Find new vitality, confidence and be pain free.

Conditioning for Dance

Improve your technique and performance in all dance forms.

Pilates for Dressage Riders

Offers workouts for home or in the saddle.

Pilates on the Ball

A comprehensive guide to Pilates exercise on the ball.

The Osteoporosis Exercise Book

Seated and standing exercises.