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Balanced Body Manuals, set of five
Safe Movement for All Spines

Safe Movement for All Spines

Safe Movement for All Spines, by Gwen Miller, is a comprehensive resource for all movement therapists and teachers. This essential guide with ready-made exercises and easy adaptations includes resources for ergonomic adjustments, daily activities for back pain, scoliosis, disc disease, and 18 other spinal conditions. Accessible and easy to understand. Each condition has detailed illustrations and real-life examples. Paperback, 384 pages.
Principles of Movement by Brent Anderson

Principles of Movement

Authored by Dr. Brent Anderson, founder of Polestar Pilates, Principles of Movement is a comprehensive guide tailored for professional movement practitioners and physical therapists looking for an accessible approach to optimize movement. Delving into the link of motor control, biomechanics and emerging research on pain interpretation, this comprehensive guide provides a deeper understanding of movement, focusing on the quality (over quantity) of movement.
Pre and Post Natal Pilates on the Mat

Prenatal Pilates Manuals

From Carolyne Anthony and The Center for Women’s Fitness, the Prenatal Pilates Manuals are informative, detailed explorations of the Pilates exercises that are safe and beneficial for any stage of pregnancy. Illustrated with full color photographs, each movement is clearly shown and explained. Sold individually.
Pilates Cadillac, a manual for pilates instructions

Manuals by Ellie Herman

Developed by master educator Ellie Herman, these Manuals are geared for teachers who want a deeper understanding of their Pilates practice. Along with original exercises, Ellie Herman’s Manuals include descriptions and step-by-step photos with breathing, alignment cues, contraindications, and rehab applications. A must have for your Pilates reference library! Paperback. Black x White photos.
Trail Guide to the Body Flashcards product photo

Trail Guide to the Body Flashcards

Super convenient Trail Guide to the Body “Flashcards” are based on the content in the Trail Guide to the Body Manual, including the muscles, skeletal systems, joints and ligaments, and movements of the body. These Flashcards were developed to assist in learning and memorization of name, location and function. Great tool for students!
A hands-on guide to locating muscles, bones, and more

Trail Guide to the Body, 6th Edition

First published in 1997, best-selling Trail Guide to the Body is in its 6th edition and with more than 1 million sold. The textbook is the gold standard for foundational musculoskeletal anatomy and palpation education. Trail Guide to the Body prepares students for the skilled and knowledgeable practice of manual therapy. Spiral bound soft cover book. Color illustrations, 436 pages.
Pilates Classic Mat Exercises Cards product photo

Pilates Classic Mat Exercises Cards

Developed by renowned classical Pilates master educator Alycea Ungaro. Pick and choose what’s right for you with these color-coded mat exercise cards. Each card contains easy to follow cues and transitions for easy flow from one move to the next. With 52 total exercises, the cards also covers basic Pilates principles. Color illustrations. 52 cards. Size: 5 1/2"H x 3 3/4"W (14cm x 9.5cm)
Pilates Mat Flashcards by Lesley Logan

Pilates Mat Flashcards by Lesley Logan

Celebrated Pilates professional Lesley Logan breaks down the original Pilates Mat repertoire, with step-by-step instructions and an accompanying video for each exercise. The 42 Flashcards are a great study tool for Pilates teachers, students and enthusiasts working to progress in their mat work. Size: 7" x 5" x 2"(17.78cm × 12.7cm × 5.08cm). Full color. 42 Cards.
Pilates for Menopause Manuals product photo

Pilates for Menopause Manuals

Created by Carolyne Anthony of the Center for Women’s Fitness, the Pilates for Menopause Manuals explore the physical changes during perimenopause and menopause, and how Pilates exercise can counteract physiological effects including loss of flexibility, and potential for decreased bone density.
Teaching the Universal Reformer Repertoire,  paperback, black and white, 256 pages.

Teaching the Universal Reformer Repertoire

By Jennifer Stacey, M.S. Optimize your effectiveness as a teacher with this in-depth, comprehensive guide to the Reformer repertoire. Learn settings, common errors, contraindications, transitions, modifications and sequencing. Each exercise is clearly photographed, with detailed cueing and teaching tips. Paperback, black and white, 256 pages.
The Osteoporosis Exercise Book - Building Better Bones
Analyzing Scoliosis: The Pilates Instructor’s Guide to Scoliosis
Scolio Pilates, Exercise for Scoliosis

Scolio-Pilates: Exercise for Scoliosis, 2nd edition

Recognized expert Karena Thek’s updated guidebook to scoliosis breaks down this complicated subject into steps that demonstrate the best exercises for maximum benefit. A two-part book that details correct alignment and proper body mechanics for each Pilates exercise.
Part I describes common curvatures and how to use props to help realign the spine. Part II features over 30 illustrated exercises (using Mat, Reformer, Apparatus, Props) Includes information on caring for a C-curve scoliosis. Black x white illustrations. 150 pages.
Pilates Anatomy, your illustrated guide to mat work for core stability and balance

Pilates Anatomy, 2nd Edition

Authors and renowned Pilates educators Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger explore the Pilates repertoire including exercise execution, muscles used, cueing, and variations. A "must have" for Pilates instructors and enthusiasts to gain a deeper comprehension of the body and how it moves. Features 45+ exercises and chapters on anatomy, alignment and breathing. Color illustrations. 204 pages. Paperback.
Lesley Logan's Cadillac Flashcards for Pilates Practice
Pajama Pilates product photo

Pajama Pilates

Brimming with engaging exercise tips and colorful illustrations, this fun-to-read guide makes it easy to do Pilates in your pajamas! You’ll improve your strength, tone your body, and increase your flexibility with these 40 easy-to-follow exercises that you can do at home. Exercises include step-by-step instructions, notes on their physical benefits, and modification options.
A comprehensive book presenting over 30 exercises.

Pilates Chair: Challenging the Core

This comprehensive book by acclaimed Pilates educator and Physical Therapist Chrissy Romani-Ruby, PhD., features large photo illustrations with set up, movement, and cueing. Chrissy explores over 30 core exercises based on spinal movement: neutral, flexion, extension, rotation. Also included are guidelines for teaching group classes, a history of Pilates and the Pilates Chair. Prop used: Moonbox. Black & white photos. 100 pages.
Roller Play, Comprehensive guide the Roller Repertoire.

Roller Play

Learn how to make the most of the Roller with this detailed, step-by-step guidebook offering 41 unique exercises. Photographs make understanding the correct movement even easier. The book also includes cueing, benefits, contraindications and common errors. Spiral-bound paperback. Black and white. 40 pages.
For children and adults with scoliosis along with practitioners, this book is designed to accompany The Scolio-Pilates Book.
Stretching Anatomy, third edition by Arnold G. Nelson & Jouko Kokkonen

Stretching Anatomy, 3rd Edition

Stretching Anatomy, Third Edition, provides detailed explanation of the stretches that help increase range of motion, enhance recovery, and facilitate ease of movement during exercise and everyday activities. This guide will help you develop a regular stretching routine to improve tight hips, frozen shoulder, limited neck mobility, leg cramps, arthritis, and muscle soreness. Paperback. 264 pages.
Reforming Human Movement product photo

Reforming Human Movement

Reforming Human Movement is a comprehensive textbook that explores the use of the Pilates reformer as a tool for movement intervention. Written by professor and founder of PHI Pilates, Christine Romain-Ruby, PT, for Pilates professionals, physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, certified Pilates instructors, and entry-level instructors, this book provides fundamental knowledge to safely train movement on the Pilates reformer. Paperback. Black x White. 232 pages.
Return to Life book, conceptual basis and philosophy of the Pilates method

Return to Life Through Contrology

Published in 1945, this original work by Joseph Pilates includes specific advice regarding posture, body mechanics, correct breathing, spinal flexibility, and physical education. Joseph Pilates presents his original 34 mat exercises, with instructions and illustrations. Paperback. Black and white. 105 pages.
Pilates Basics product photo

Pilates Basics

Written for Pilates practitioners, this book includes how to build a solid Pilates foundation in preparation for mat work. Includes Jillian Hessel’s B.E.A.M. fundamentals which focus on breath, energy, alignment, and movement. Clear cueing and full color photography are easy to follow for safe execution. Paperback. Color photos. 158 pages.
Anatomy of Breathing cover photo

Anatomy of Breathing

Filled with helpful illustrations, exercises, and explanations to gain better control of the breath, Anatomy of Breathing is an immersion into the mechanics and benefits of different levels of breathing. Black x white illustrations. Paperback. 232 pages.
Anatomy of Movement (Revised Edition)

Anatomy of Movement (Revised Edition)

With a wealth of clear and concise language and illustrations, Blandine Calais-Germain offers a visual tour through the muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints. She then explores the functional relationship of anatomy in movement such as dance and exercise. Black x white illustrations. Paperback. 316 pages.
Netters Moving anatoME, an interactive musculoskeletal anatomy guide by Stephanie Marango and Carrie McCulloch.

Netter’s Moving AnatoME, 1st Edition

Students and practitioners in the health sciences face a paradox: while preparing to be a caregiver to someone else, its easy to lose sight of one's own health and well-being. Netter's Moving AnatoMe will show you new ways to overcome this challenge -- and so much more! Color. Paperback. 202 pages.
Figure Drawing Design and Invention - Illustrated figure drawing guide highlighting surface anatomy.

Figure Drawing Design and Invention

Figure Drawing Design and Invention is a beautifully illustrated, instructional figure drawing guide that emphasizes a simplified understanding of surface anatomy. You will learn how to draw the human form in logical, easy-to-follow steps. 235 pages. Paperback. Color.
Fascia in Motion, a complete guide to fascia-focused Pilates movement.

Fascia in Motion

Internationally recognized movement innovator, Elizabeth Larkam correlates fascia–focused exercise with Pilates principles for an in–depth perspective on the mat and equipment repertoire of Joseph Pilates. Includes videos linked with color photographs. Paperback. 352 pages
Pilates Chairs Flashcards by Lesley Logan

Pilates Chairs Flashcards by Lesley Logan

97 full-color flashcards to help you study classical Pilates Chair exercises. Learn the exercise setup, action and complementary exercises, as well as some prep exercises to help you feel the movements in your body. You will also explore exercises for the Mat and Reformer that pair with the Chairs exercise, and pointers to dive deeper into every movement. Scan the barcode on the front of each card to watch a video of the exercise.
Back Exercise Cover by Brian Richey

Back Exercise: Stabilize, Mobilize, and Reduce Pain

Back Exercise: Stabilize, Mobilize, and Reduce Pain is a comprehensive guide for understanding and alleviating back pain. Author Brian Richley goes beyond exercise and rehab to give you information to understand the “why” behind back pain, exploring the anatomy of the spine and how movement can provide relief. Included are detailed spinal anatomy explanations and photos, tailored exercise plans for 5 common spinal conditions and 60 exercises to improve spine health for you and your clients. 248 pages, Paperback, Color
Cover of Centered

Centered, 2nd edition

Centered, 2nd edition by Madeline Black offers movement practitioners an interdisciplinary approach to physical training that combines the newest advances in movement science, adaptive biotensegrity principles and Pilates-based techniques. It includes practice sessions sequencing. Illustrated with 476 color photos, 25 new illustrations and 46 video links, giving practitioners the tools to enhance their practice and effectively advance their clients’ physical wellness. Paperback, 382 pages.
Contrology Handbook cover A guide to joe pilates method

Contrology Handbook

Authored by Vintage Pilates owner Sandy Shimoda and dedicated to first generation Pilates instructor Jay Grimes, this comprehensive guide is for all students of Contrology, Joe’s method of corrective exercise. It is aimed at clarifying Joe’s ideas about his method, what makes it different from other forms of exercise, and how to get the results Joe intended. The perfect gift for Pilates professionals and enthusiasts interested in the “why” behind the “how” of Pilates! Hardcover, 104 pages, 28 original illustrations and artwork.
Balanced Body® Equipment Maintenance Log
barefoot strong book secret to movement longevity

Barefoot Strong

Join Functional Podiatrist & Naboso® Co-Founder Dr. Emily Splichal as she explores the science of barefoot stimulation, a key to youthful movement. An internationally recognized educator, Dr. Emily has traveled the world studying movement efficiency.
Learn how barefoot science, fascial fitness, and neuromuscular conditioning can help you thrive. From barefoot exercises to nerve-protecting supplements, "Barefoot Strong" is your guide to efficient movement. Unlock the secrets to the anti-aging movement and become barefoot strong!
Paperback. Black x White. 110 pages.
Sage Does Pilates

Sage Does Pilates

Sage Does Pilates is designed for parents of children aged 2-7 who want to introduce them to Pilates. It covers the fundamental Pilates mat exercises based on Joseph Pilates' "Return to Life." Ideal for Pilates instructors, educators, gym teachers, parents and anyone looking to promote early movement in children, this book provides a comprehensive guide to engaging young children in Pilates. Pages: 32, Paperback, Color
i have scoliosis now what - book - erin myers

I Have Scoliosis; Now What?

This comprehensive guide to scoliosis will inform you on the physical and emotional sides of scoliosis and the steps to take to manage and prevent pain. The author also provides tools that she uses with clients to help improve curves and overall alignment at home. Soft cover. Black & white. 312 pages.